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Karen & Mike Recently Got Together With Some Great Friends & Fellow Paranormal Investigators:

Mark & Debby Constantino From:    Spirits Speak
JW & Carrie Cox From:                   Awaken NH Spirits
Leo & Linda Monfet From:               Visions Of The Paranormal

Our good friends Mark & Debby Constantino from Reno Nevada were in town recently and we all got together to visit a few haunted locations while enjoying some great food and drink. Over the past two weeks we met at the Windham Restaurant, Kingston 1686 House, Tortilla Flat Restaurant & Fody's Tavern. We also visited Blood Cemetery and took a trip to Salem Ma.


Of Course we all couldn't help but do a little informal investigating.


Here are a few of the things we captured along with an article on Fody's Tavern:


The Legend of Fody’s Tavern (By Karen Mossey)

Pictures From JW & Carrie Cox

Pictures From Leo Monfet


More Pictures





Our good friends JW & Carrie Cox, founders of Awaken NH Spirits took some great pictures, including an image of the full face of a man. It was captured in a mirror at the very haunted 1686 House Restaurant. They've also posted some excellent pictures from our day trip to Salem Ma. 

Here are the links to the pictures on their web site:

Salem Massachusetts

1686 House Restaurant - Kingston N.H.




Our good friend Leo Monfet captured an amazing event while taking pictures of Karen and Debby using the Night Vision feature of his camera.

Karen explains the story behind these pictures (see photos below) which were taken in sequence:

We have come to know the importance of grounding and protection in many of the places we go into.  Debby had told us that she felt as though something negative had attached itself to her when she went into one of the darker investigations she has been on.  She asked me what I thought as a Reiki practitioner. I told her I felt that her root charka was not properly sealed.  In the series of pictures, you will see Debby and I.  As we hugged one another, I felt as though something attached to Debby was repulsed by me.  In the photos below you can see a strange misty anomaly moving away from Debby.  In the very next picture it is further off to the side of her and more solid as if it is now detached from her and moving completely away.  In the final picture of Debby and I it is gone.  We find this series of pictures quite phenomenal as it seems that Leo has captured what we believe is the expulsion of a negative attachment from a person

These four pictures of Karen Mossey and Debby Constantino were taken by

Leo Monfet (Click here to read about the pictures).

They were shot in sequence. The 1st photo was taken in regular color, the other three (taken with Night Vision)  follow in sequence, left to right.



Various Pictures Of All Of Us And Some Of The Places We Visited







 Here Are Some Of The EVP's We Captured While Getting Together


Mirror - Thanks

Recorded by Leo Monfet at the 1686 House. Spoken after Leo says, "I'm going to take a picture in the mirror".


Get Off

Recorded by Karen Mossey at the 1686 House.



Recorded by Karen Mossey at the 1686 House.


Could The Neighbors Like Me

Recorded by Karen Mossey at the 1686 House.


I Think You Can Die Here

Recorded by Karen Mossey at the Tavern.


I Know

Recorded by Mike Sullivan in the Howard St. Cemetery in Salem Ma.

Debby was reading the names of the people executed as witches. There was a candle on this stone and she mentioned it. The response "I Know" was recorded.  Click here to view the stone marker of John Proctor.




The Legend of Fody’s Tavern

Sunday February 21st 2010

Written by Karen Mossey

Experienced by Karen Mossey and Debby Constantino

Copyright All rights reserved

Of all of the years I have lived in the Nashua, Hudson area, only rarely did I hear of the place originally known as The Tavern. It is now known as Fody’s Tavern and has a charm reminiscent of days long gone by. Upon entering through its wooden doors, it is like stepping back in time. One of the original fireplace’s can be seen as you enter and the furnishings complete with wears and tear’s illustrating much use and traffic through the buildings long history, still remain. As you round the corner, you pass through a curtained doorway where you enter into a cozy bar and restaurant. Round little tables and comfortable chairs fill up one room and make for an intimate meeting and dining area. Then there is a great bar and several round bar tables. They also have room for comedy shows, music and live entertainment, which is a weekly occurrence at Fody’s. The fireplace is always on and comfy couches and wooden tables make it almost rustic looking.

When Debby and I visited Fody’s we felt so comfortable and took our place alongside many of whom appeared to be regulars there. We really enjoyed ourselves and can see why so many people do become regular visitors at Fody’s Tavern.

Sunday night’s special is the biggest, juiciest burger you can imagine along with a mound of fries for four bucks!! You can’t beat it! As a matter of fact, when you come in on Sunday the waiter asks you “ Would you like a menu or are you here for the burger?” Of course everyone is there for the burger. Then compliment this great meal with one of my favorite ales, Dog Fish 60 minute IPA. They have all kinds of great food from the all America burger to exquisite homemade desserts. Fody’s is a must visit Pub and so very historic. Old pictures and artifacts can be seen throughout the tavern. The doors open at 4:30

There is another side to this old brick, several stories high building. The tavern was built in 1831 and is rich in history as well as its share of trauma and tragedy. This is part of the reason why The Tavern in Nashua must assuredly be haunted. This was the real reason that lured Debby and I there. With our passion for the paranormal we were convinced we would experience something besides the great food and atmosphere that was out of the ordinary. With the very first glimpse Debby had of the Tavern during her visit with us here in Nashua, she knew she had to go there. She even wanted to book a room and stay overnight there but the boarding rooms in the tavern are in disrepair and being renovated.

Even as a teenager growing up in the area, my Dad always told me when we would drive up main street in Nashua, “don’t you ever go in there Karee because that is not a nice place.” “
Good girls don’t go in there,” he would always say. So being the typical curious teenager I wanted to find out what made the Tavern so “taboo.” When I mentioned it to several of my friends they told me that The Tavern was well known to be Nashua’s house of ill repute or brothel and a haven for drug addicts and the cities undesirables. Up until into the 70’s it still had this reputation and rooms could still be rented out. It was later closed down and became the fabulous restaurant and pub that it is now.

Debby and I talked with members of the current staff when we were there and asked if they had ever experienced anything paranormal. We asked about the history to see if there was truth about what we had heard about the Taverns past. We were told that it had a reputation for prostitution and drug addiction. The bartender told us the original building had been on the opposite side of Main Street and dragged across the street to where it sits now. It had been know as The Tavern: a place to get a cheap room, drink and favors. We were told that she believed there were two murders that happened there and that she thought there had been numerous deaths. One story she had heard was that a Mother, who was one of the “working girls,” and her son were shot there. I couldn’t find any record of this but it would stand to reason that it could have happened. It would also seem probable that, if it were a haven for drug addicts, there could have been many deaths from drug overdose. With all this being said, it was even more probable for Debby and I to believe that with all of the trauma, tragedy and emotion over a hundred plus years there might be some paranormal things happening there. A great deal of residual energy must remain there within the walls and halls of the building and who knows what ghostly presences might still roam about.

We asked if we could do a few EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recordings and take some pictures in the upstairs rooms. The staff was fine with us going up the stairs towards the rooms but the rooms themselves were not open because they were unsafe and being renovated. Debby and I were happy to have the opportunity to do this. We asked the bartender if she would like to hear us playback any of the EVP captures we might pick up. She quickly said “ No.” She told us that she had to close up at night and knows that the Tavern is haunted and that hearing this would scare her even more. She had her own experience there one night as she was closing up. She told us she was walking through the Tavern locking up and someone grabbed her shoulder so hard that it turned her around and there was no one there. Ever since this time she will not close up alone at night. I would say after something like this I don’t blame her a bit and find her to be one brave lady.

Debby and I sat on the landing at the top of the stairs leading to the locked door that would take us into the area of all the rooms. All of a sudden we heard a door close from behind the locked door. Of course there was no one in there and it could have been the wind causing it or, perhaps, they were telling us that room was being occupied by the resident unseen. We asked several questions while our recorders were running. We were sure we would get a response from whatever spirits, and it is likely there were several, might be lurking about. It was no surprise that, upon playback, I captured a disembodied ghostly voice saying, I think you can die here!” He was probably quite right and I am sure that several people most likely did meet their demise here. It suddenly became icy cold at the top of the stairs. Theory has it that ghosts use the existing energy to manifest, drawing the heat out of the area and creating a bone chilling cold. We also took several pictures as we left the landing and headed down the stairs. In one picture we noticed a milky mist on one of the stairs. Could this have been someone following us down?

Our paranormal experience at Fody’s Tavern, brief as it was, truly leaves us with a strong desire to re-investigate if we have the opportunity. It would be better to do this once the rooms have been renovated and reopened.

Meanwhile for a great atmosphere, comedy nights, music and entertainment as well as very delicious food and drinks, take yourself and your friends on an adventure into the legends of the historical past and check out Fody’s Tavern in Nashua, NH www.fodystavern.com



Copyright 2010. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.