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Leo & Linda Monfet Of
Visions Of The Paranormal

Karen & Mike and Leo & Linda almost always investigate together. Click here to be taken to our Investigations page to see and hear much more of their work.

Here's A Few Examples Of Some Of The Amazing Paranormal Evidence They've Captured

VIDEO  -  Infrared Photos  -  EVP

Sachs Bridge Gettysburg Pa.
The Presidio San Francisco Ca.
Click here to listen to this EVP captured by Leo Monfet at this historic site. The bridge was used as a Field Hospital during the Civil War and sadly was the scene of great pain and suffering which can be attested to by the sound of moaning captured in this evp.

(Copyright Leo Monfet)
Click here to see the VIDEO filmed by paranormal investigator Linda Monfet during an investigation of the haunted Officers Club at the former military base, The Presidio, in SanFrancisco Ca. A black entity passes to the right, then to the left, and finally positions itself in front of investigators Leo and Linda Monfet.

(Copyright Leo Monfet)
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Infrared  Photography
These two incredible images were taken by Leo in the Officers Club at the Presidio in the same room where Linda shot the video (see above).

Copyright - Leo Monfet

Leo took these amazing photo's at the Windham Restaurant using infrared film.

In the photo on the left, he captured the image of a young boy (center, bottom). See Close Up on Right.

The image below, taken immediately after the first picture, captured the young boy leaving just as quickly as he came.

Copyright - Leo Monfet