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Franklin Massachusetts

Investigation Report



Saturday, June 16th 2007 - We investigated a family home in Franklin, Massachusetts


Location: Franklin, Ma.
Date: Saturday 06-16-07
Conditions: Sunny. Warm, Dry – 4:00 PM
Written by: Karen Mossey

   Named after Benjamin Franklin, we set off to Franklin, MA on a warm June Saturday for an investigation at a private residence in historic Franklin, MA. This home had been built in approximately 1809 and had been moved to a different location three times before settling at its current marker. Here the current owners discovered broken pieces of tombstones in the backyard that had been brought in with a load of loam that had been brought there. 

   The previous owner had done a bit of remodeling and closed off a staircase and entrance way that was used by servants that serviced this home and its owners in days long past by. Theory has it, that when an old home that has had a long history of human occupancy gets remodeled or changed this can initiate paranormal activity and the current owners can certainly attest to allot of that. One of the young children has seen a little boy walk by his bedroom door. This Spirit seemed to be particularly fond of and attached to the little boy who lives there now. He said he sees him all the time and describes what he sees as a moving shadow clearly resembling a little boy. He told us he is never afraid. The family feels that the Spirit of a Man and a boy haunt there and that the man is the little boys Father. Our psychic medium Audra later confirmed through dowsing that it was a Father and his son that were there but at the time of our investigation the interaction came from the little boy. He was playful and had a very short attention span validated through evidence and signs of his presence being there for a moment and then gone. Audra believed him to be younger then 10 and his energy exhibited typical childlike behavior. At times he caused the recorders to malfunction with his high energy presence. 

   Some of the activity the owners have reported are TV and TV games turning on and off by themselves. The family is constantly replacing light bulbs that burn out, even when they have just been changed. Footsteps are heard climbing the stairs and walking across the floor in the evening. The Spirit of the little boy is constantly poking the owners, especially the husband and even pulls at his shirt tail. One might assume there is something particularly strange about the couch on the second floor. We took several pictures in a row and one would be dark and the next light, almost like a portal or vortex is present there. 

   Two profound experiences the owners related to us were first, that one evening the husband was sitting in the living room (which had formerly been the dining room) and a blond man with glasses walked through the main entrance of the house and into the living room and stood thee looking at him and then, within seconds, vanished before his eyes. He showed us the exact way it happened. “He came through the front door and stood here in the passageway to the opening of the living room. It is something I will never forget. I can describe him perfectly. He had blonde hair and spectacles and he was dressed like someone from along time ago would have been dressed” The other experience happened to the wife. She was sitting up in her bed in the bedroom( formerly the living room ) leaning on her pillow when the pillow rose up from behind her head and lifted her forward and then went back down again. 

   We captured several strange pictures and EVP during the investigation but we believe the activity was not very strong when we were there. We attribute this to the Spirits having sensed we were not part of the family. Apparently they are very attached to and happy with this family and the family is, likewise, very happy with them being there. They made a point to ask us, “We hope that you will not make them go away. We like them being here.” I informed them that Spirits leave only if it is their choice to do so. We are not allowed to interfere with their free will and can not make them leave. We thought we might be able to capture more evidence during a later evening investigation when the family might be away. They had told us that most of the activity begins after 9:00 PM. So, perhaps, we will return for another round of evidence. This time at night with no one about, and see if our ethereal friends will stir some things up for us then.



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