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Investigation: Rindge Historical Society Building – Rindge NH
Saturday August 4th 2007
Conditions: Clear, dry, low humidity.
Time: 6:00 PM (Saturday August 4th) – 01:20 AM (Sunday August 5th)
Investigation written by Karen Mossey

 Historical Information Courtesy of Rindge Historical Society


 Joel Raymond was at the site of the house as early as 1790 and the grade school located behind the house was Joel's potato field and still known by many old timers as Raymond's field. In 1815 Freeborn Stearns and his wife bought the house and legend has it that Freeborn Stearns then proceeded to knock the original house down and rebuilt a new house at that site in 1815 after the purchase. This is well documented in the Registry of Deeds. The house has gone under many renovations over the years, nothing major and that is why there has been some disagreement on the actual date the house was constructed. Several years ago and independent research group from the Smithsonian Institute conducted their own research and did concurred that the structure at least dates back to 1815 but believes it goes back further.

 It is believed that the Stearns family lived in the house for at least 3 generations and then sold the house to the Hoyt's in the early 20th century. Ralph Hoyt was born in the house and lived in Rindge his whole life. The Hoyt's sold the house to the Allen's. "POP" Allen who lived in the house for many years was known for his constant pipe smoking. In 1975 "POP" Allen died of a heart attack in the house and his ashes were scattered in the back year. "POP" Allen is the infamous pipe smoker which, on occasion, if you’re lucky, you can smell "POP" Allen's pipe smoke.

 An item of interest is on the wall of one of the hallways on the second floor there is a hand painted pictures of items that had belonged to the original Raymond's who first owned the house and the property it sits on now. Also located on the second floor in the clothing room is the funeral shawl that Mrs. Raymond wore as it has been stated that many people died in the house including at least five infants and all that passed away had their wake conducted in the house. It’s kind of ironic that the Raymond's who built the original house on that site would have so many of their items on display in the house today.


The Investigation:

 We headed for Rindge, NH on Saturday, August 4th to investigate the Rindge Historical Society Building which proved to produce some extremely profound evidence of paranormal activity.  Tim Derr, who is a recognized member of the Rindge Historical Society arranged for the team to explore and confirm what so many previous visitors had reported regarding the strange occurrences they had witnessed in the building.

 This historical building has been restored and turned into a museum full of very old artifacts from previous owners and town’s people. There are items and photos, perfectly preserved, from days long gone by.  Some are from previous owners and some from former Rindge residents.  All carry their own stories.  There is a display of several residents of Rindge who served and some of whom died in the Civil War.

  Part of the building was once a doctor’s office and patients waiting room. There is old medical equipment and a hand written journal of medical remedies laid out on a table as if ready to be used.  Old medicinal bottles are stored and shelved in antique cabinets.

 The upstairs rooms are full of old garments placed on hangers and mannequins which appear alive and as if they were observing our every move.  One room is full of children’s clothing, cradles, high chairs, toys and very creepy looking dolls.

 One of the most profound artifacts stored here is the original old sleigh and horse hair coat owned by Doctor Dean. Doctor Dean was mysteriously murdered and his body dumped in the bottom of a well.  This case was never solved and remains a cold case to this day.

 The building has a long term history of human occupancy which theoretically is conducive to a haunting situation. Years and years of life and death and much emotion can leave a great amount of residual energy which can permeate into the walls and floors of the structure itself.  There is so much stored energy and emotion which remains in the many old items that were brought into the building through donations from the town’s folks.  All of this considered, we had our energy and hopes up for an exciting experience in this investigation and as the night played out we got even more fantastic evidence then we expected.

  In addition to the building itself there was an old barn full of relics from the past and family lineages.  An old town Fire truck took up the front half of the barn. Many of these old antiques were large items stored here for lack of space within the museum building itself.  There were old carriages, tools and beds.

 An old cemetery is across the street and many of the residents whose photos are displayed in the building lie at rest there. But are they really at rest?  One of the few remaining Church-Town Hall combinations, complete with stables and carriage houses stands immediately next to the cemetery.  The bell rings every hour on the hour, perfectly synchronized with a deep and drawn out tone that sends shivers into your bones.  One strange EVP was captured during the investigation that recorded the bell ringing but the tone started in synchronization and then quickly sped up as if some dimensional time shift happened as the sound was recorded. Maybe we were standing in a Vortex.

  Mr. Allen made the Historical building his home for 35 years.  He died in the house and was cremated and had his ashes cast into the back yard. Having this fore knowledge created an auspicious atmosphere when we were walking back there and strangely no one was able to capture a very clear photograph when shooting into the backyard. On one occasion Ronnie and Karen saw what looked like a series of three white dots in a rod like form float across the backyard. Could it be Mr. Allen did not want his picture taken?  Interesting thought.

  We set up the base camp, camera and all equipment and readied ourselves for the investigation. Our energy was high.  We broke into teams and began. Audra made a point that things always seem to be active at dawn and dusk.  She believes the veil is thinnest at this point and this enables those in Spirit to easily cross into the physical domain.

  Things began to happen very quickly. Tim had his dowsing rods ready to go and Audra had her pendulum.  We had cameras, video, infrared and recorders and began scanning the different rooms and floors of the building.  Initially it seemed as if the energy there was reluctant to manifest.  Alissa and Aaron went to the barn and the others of us remained in the house. At one point when Audra entered the barn she thought she heard footsteps coming towards her and got a bit edgy.  The barn is full of old relic’s and definitely has a personality all its own.

  Several paranormal events occurred in the upstairs floor and we were able to capture and document all of this with our infrared cameras and video.  While Wally, Ronnie and Tim were upstairs, they approached the room where many articles of clothing are displayed on mannequins and the chandelier started swinging in circles.  No one was in the room.  I came up to join them and asked that the spirit do this again so that I may too witness this but by then the shaking chandelier was stilled.  However the Spirit did not ignore my request as a short time later, once again with no one in the room, I came around the corner and let out a quick scream as I saw the chandelier swinging to and fro with all its might.  Everyone quickly joined me to witness this event and Aaron was able to videotape the motion. At one point it actually stopped and then quickly reversed direction and began to swing again.

  The second strange thing happened as I came towards the foyer from the upstairs hallway and a very loud pop and flash of light went off right in front of my eyes.  It was gone as quick as it happened and I rounded the corner where Ron was standing and said “What was that…did you take a picture?” Ronnie responded…”I don’t have a camera.”  We discovered on the infrared video after that whatever energy manifested in front of me in the hallway again appeared with the same action in the school room.  We caught the same pop and bright flash and then a slow fading darkness covered the room.  It is important to note that, at this point in the investigation, there were no lights on in the building.  Everything had been shut down.

  At one point when Ronnie and Wally were in the attic Ronnie thought he saw the rocking chair move.  We moved the camera from the chandelier room to the attic and headed back downstairs.   Just after we did that was when the second occurrence of the chandelier moving and shaking happened.  It was as if our unseen friend was playing with us and decided to put on another show after we had moved the camera.  Fortunately for us, Aaron had caught the chandelier action on his video.  Upon examining the photographs later Wally spotted a face in the window in the attic behind the rocking chair.

  Mike took several shots of old bottles and reflective surfaces to see if any apparitions might show themselves in this manner.  It is theorized that they do well manifesting in reflective surfaces.

Aaron also captured a mist forming in the basement.

  All sorts of sensations were felt during the course of this investigation.  At one point Alissa felt a burning on her shoulder and when she looked at it in the mirror there was a red mark on her back.  She also said her teeth were hurting her.  Health care was not very good long ago and many people suffered from teeth and gum problems.  Audra and Aaron both had intermittent headaches that seemed to dissipate when they went out of the house.  One significant experience that several members encountered was the strong smell of pipe smoke throughout the house and at different times during the investigation.  Maybe Mr. Allen “Pop “the infamous pipe smoker wanted to be part of the action.

  With having experienced so much paranormal activity at the Rindge Historical Society we are sure to return for another phenomenal investigation.  Until then happy hauntings!

  Overall the evidence the Rindge historical Society Museum Building provided for us during this investigation was phenomenal and you can see and hear all of the evidence at our website and share with us the excitement of that evening.


This photo was taken by Karen Mossey. There appears to be a greenish energy on the tombstone.  
This photo of an old rocking chair in the attic was taken by Karen Mossey. It was taken in pitch black and there appears to be an image in the back window.  
A picture of the chandelier. Taken by Mike Sullivan  
Nothing paranormal in this photo, but a really nice shot of the cemetery. Taken by Karen Mossey.


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.