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Saturday, June 2nd 2007 - We investigated a family's home in Salem, NH.

Investigation - Salem , NH 06-02-07
Conditions; Evening 7:30 PM, Damp, Humid, 75 degrees
Written by Karen Mossey

   We conducted an investigation at a residence in Salem, NH with a history of several paranormal occurrences. The owners feel the presences of several spirits and predominantly one dominant male and a playful little girl, the owner calls Mary. Mary seems to be very attached to the owner who always wanted to have a little girl.

   The house was very old. It was built in 1825 upon the land where a previous house, which burned down, once stood. The son of the original owners, who lived there in the mid 1700's to early 1800's, prior to its demise by a fire, rebuilt the current home. Paranormal activity seems to be a by product of long time human occupancy and this home has a very long history; having passed thought several owners and transitions. It was once owned by an Episcopal religious group and then was converted to a two tenement home. Many children were born within its confines and so there is a great deal of residual energy there. It also is situated in close proximity to a very old cemetery where several of its original owners are buried.

   Ronnie, Wally and Tim set up infrared monitoring camera's in the upstairs and within a very short time the activity began to start. They felt as if they were chasing something from room to room in the upstairs finally becoming stationary in the bedroom where the emf meters and thermal detectors were going wild. It seemed that the EMF detection was focused along one section of the upstairs bedroom above a small table that contained several family pictures, one picture being a relative that has since passed away (interesting). When we moved away from the wall area the EMF meters did not detect anything. This upstairs bedroom was first scanned prior to the investigation and several times before the meters detected activity which eliminates any assuming that the meter activity was related to electrical writing in the house. The camera's were capturing quick movements and energies that would appear in one shot and be gone within a second in the next. The owner felt as though the little girl Mary was playing with them and indicated through some of the experience she had in her home that Mary was a prankster. As soon as the owner said "Mary, come with me," all of the activity ceased and nothing more was detected there during the evening. Ronnie got a picture of a child's hand print under the bed. The dust under the bed was not disturbed accept for the hand print, similar to the method that is used by putting down flour in areas to detect foot prints or movement in rooms. 

   Meanwhile downstairs, Mike was capturing phenomenal images in reflective surfaces and captured an interesting image. The owners had dug up several old bottles from the back yard and Mike seemed to get the resident spirits to manifest in the flaws within the surfaces of the reflective glass. Similar to the way Spirit is able to use the residual noise or static in recording devices to form EVP messages they are also able to use the defect and flaws in reflective surfaces to manifest images of themselves. Our friend and fellow researcher Phil and his son Nick had accompanied us on this Investigation and they had discovered an old bottle in an opening in the floor of the barn. Phil was able to trace the history of the bottle back to a New York distributor in the 1800's who manufactured a medicinal product that contained opium. Phil had done extensive research on the residence prior to our Investigation which helped corroborate the long term occupancies of this house which, so often contribute to the residual paranormal occurrences that have and continue to occur there. 

   Karen was able to capture several EVP, including the voice of a young girl in the upstairs bedroom where much of the activity had occurred. It seems the spirit of little Mary was wondering what I was holding (the recorder) and asked "What's this?" Another voice followed on the same recording and said "help me." Along with Ronnie's camera battery being continually drained, Karen's recorder started to malfunction immediately after the EVP capture of the little girl. We were able to save the EVP file to the computer before having to reset the entire recorder. No more malfunction occurred following this and several more EVP occurred. In one EVP Karen asked ""How many Spirits are here?' An EVP answer was recorded saying" All of them!" And upon asking those Spirits that were present there to give her a sign, Karen recorded "We're all in here!"

   The Investigation produced significant evidence that supports the existence of residual paranormal activity in this residence. We found nothing negative in nature in the residual energy there, just playful and cooperative energies from those whose former physical lives have gone by. We are very grateful to our hosts and friends, the home owners, for having allowed us to conduct the investigation in their home.


This photo was taken by Mike Sullivan. It was taken using his reflective photography method (in this case, using a bottle)


Close Up
This photo was taken by Mike Sullivan. It was taken using his reflective photography method (in this case, using a mirror)
      Close Up



Recorded by Karen Mossey.  "This EVP, appears to be a little girls voice and then a Spirit saying "Help me."
Recorded by Karen Mossey. She asks "Can you show me a sign to let me know you
are here" followed by an EVP which we hear as " We're all in here."
Recorded by Karen, she asks "How many Sprits are here" followed
by an EVP which we hear as "All of Us!"

A slowed version of the above EVP.
Recorded by Karen Mossey. The owner of the house' name is Patrick which is the message heard in
this EVP.  " Get Patrick."


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.