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Fort William Henry & Lake George N.Y. Area


The History

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The History


Fort William Henry – Lake George New York

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved

It was a time of great expansion. A time when vast amounts of land in the new frontier of North America equated to strength, power and wealth. But the acquisition of this commodity came at the cost of brutal massacres; blood shed and great suffering and tragedy. Such is the story of Fort William Henry and the reason why there are so many ghosts that remain behind to tell their stories in this very haunted Fort and its surrounding battlefields.

The battles that took place between the French and the English became known as The French and Indian War. The French made claim to the north end of Lake George and the British had set up Fort Edward near the eastern part of the Lake. The lake was originally named by the French as Lac Du St Sacrement. It became known as Lake George when the English defeated the French in the final battles and named it after King George of England.

Fort William Henry was built to add reinforcement to the English presence on the lake.

The French General, Marquis de Montcalm set siege to Fort William Henry to take dominance over the British held part of the land. His directive was the annihilation of Fort William Henry. Greatly out-numbered and over-maneuvered, the British strong hold at Fort William Henry suffered great casualties during the siege and their hopes for reinforcements faded as the French along with their Huron Indian allies pushed closer and surrounded the fort.

With no hope of victory or continued resistance to the French and upon direction of the British commanding General, Fort William Henry surrendered to the French. The soldiers and the forts inhabitants were offered safe passage to the neighboring Fort Edward by the French general. Those in the field hospital, known today as the dungeon, that were ill, wounded or unable to walk with all of Fort William Henry’s captives, were most likely ravaged and murdered by the Indian allies that sacked the Fort for trophies and then burned it to the ground. Some accounts say these poor souls were disemboweled and even cannibalized.

The numbers that died within the fort vary but an excavation there in 1953 and then again in 1998 discovered many human skeletal remains. The remains were re-interred and a memorial to these men who perished there was established at Fort William Henry. Six bodies were found on the grounds within the fort itself and their remains reflect extreme barbarism and even decapitation.

Approximately 2300 of the captured prisoners from the fort were led safely to Fort Edward. It is theorized that about 184 were killed or escaped. Some of those were never accounted for. Fort William Henry was reconstructed and it is one of Lake George’s top historic tourist attractions. It is open to the public for tours from May through October.

I have vacationed in Lake George every summer now for over ten years and have always had a fascination for the history of Fort William Henry. Each time my family and I went on the tour of the Fort I had the sense that there was something unseen there with me. Perhaps it is my nature as a paranormal investigator to seek out the unexplained but I am also very empathic and I could feel the emotion of those who had fought and died there. I had a strong desire to conduct an investigation with my team there one day and see what evidence Mike and I and our team of specialists could gather to prove that Fort William Henry is definitely haunted. So I made the request and we were lucky enough to be honored with this very special opportunity by our good friend Fred. We traveled to Fort William Henry on September 18th to undertake this incredible investigation. It was a chance of a lifetime and we were hopeful our ghostly friends would give us some great evidence; and that they certainly did!

The EVP, infrared and paranormal images and video evidence proved fascinating and was corroborated by our friend and exceptional Medium April Sheerin, who accompanied us throughout this investigation and trip. At several points, we had direct interaction with the spirits of the fort.

Our trip took us beyond our featured investigation of the fort itself, to the very haunted adjoining function rooms and the gym at the Fort William Henry resort, a local graveyard and several haunted pubs. We even got our choice pick of the most haunted rooms at Fort William Henry resort.

The Fort now offers nightly ghost walks. So put Fort William Henry and Lake George, New York on your list of must see attractions. Lake George is a most beautiful place any time of year and there is so much to do and see. History and folklore is abundant here. Everyone knows how haunted the area is so bring an open mind, your equipment and your desire to have a great time. You certainly will enjoy every minute of it. People here are so friendly and willing to share their own personal paranormal experiences with you.

So there is the history behind why Fort William Henry and much of Lake George, for that matter, is so extremely haunted. On one more note, the food at Lake George is exceptional and no matter what your stomach is in the mood for you can find it there.



The Investigation


Fort William Henry – Lake George New York

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved

Saturday, September 18th 2009

Attendees: Karen Mossey, Mike Sullivan, Leo and Linda Monfet, April Sheerin and friend Kathy, Rocky Morrison


The Adirondacks region in up-state New York is not only rich in beauty but has its roots deeply meshed in the history of the early settlements of America. Great battles for possession of land plagued this region and much of the land and great lakes ran red with blood. Such is the story of the area of Lake George New York and what drew us to this interesting and very paranormal investigation of Fort William Henry. The evidence gathered during this investigation was phenomenal and much of it can be corroborated with actual historical facts.

The first part of the investigation took us to the function rooms, which are part of the Fort William Henry resort. We were honored to have one of New England’s best sensitives, April Sheerin, accompany us on this trip. Upon entering the Blue Mountain Lake room, April immediately felt the presence of several children. Mike did a recording here and it was asked if any spirits were there with us. An EVP responding “ Five “ was captured in response. April sat down in the corner and said the children were hiding in a dirt hole on the land where this room is now built. It happened during one of the sieges on the land. A man dressed in a black robe, possibly a priest, hid them there. April said that one of the children referred to him as “Father.” They were soon found and all were slain. April, Linda and I formed a circle. She said the fact that we were all Mother’s would draw the children closer to our energy and help them, if they were willing, to move on in peace. April did feel as though this did help many of them. Mike received an EVP message that said, “ Help me.” We get this message in EVP quite often at haunted locations where troubled spirits seem to plead for help moving on. Our host Fred later validated that there were historical records showing several children that had perished in the battles around Fort William Henry.

On many occasions, members of the staff at the function center have seen the apparition of a lady in white floating up the stairs to the main floor. My camera had numerous battery failures while photographing this area and it always seemed especially cold there. As we proceeded to the main conference room areas, April immediately sensed the presence of a male spirit who was ill natured and not fond of us. She received the impression that women with short hair disturbed him. It was here that Leo captured several pictures of a milky mist on his infrared camera following April and eventually totally covering her entire body. She also said that there was a spirit there with the name of Boyd. Fred later revealed through research that a Joseph Boyd had died there in 1755. This was a direct testament to the Spirit that April had sensed was present there and another reason why it is so imperative to have a Medium present at an investigation. When the Medium leads us to where they feel the spirits presence is, this is usually where we capture the best paranormal evidence; whether it be EVP messages, pictures or video. Mediums seem to be like a magnet that draws in the entities. I also received a rather nasty EVP in one of the conference rooms that used the “ F’ word. We have to remember that anyone can come through as we gather evidence. It may or may not be someone from time long past but could be someone recently deceased. Personalities remain unchanged in death, as we believe, and you can be dealing with a naughty or a nice spirit.

Several of the rooms at the Fort William Henry resort are said to have had strange things happen. People have reported beds shaking: lights, televisions and microwaves turning on by themselves and icy cold temperatures. April felt heaviness in her room and got an instant headache as she first entered. Rocky had his microwave turn on and off and the temperature in his room was always cold. One of the desk attendants told us that one night on his overnight shift one of the paintings in the hallways flew off the wall on the first floor and landed all the way at the opposite end of the hallway as if it was taken and thrown across the floor by an unseen force. Fred told us that the hotel had burned twice and was rebuilt. He told us that most all of Lake George is haunted. The region has a long history of battles and wars. Several excavations done at the Fort have unearthed skeletons of people and many of these reveal traumatic and violent deaths. Fred related that the parking lot of the Fort William Henry resort was literally built over bodies.

Our first night there, while we enjoyed a wonderful dinner, Fred told us of the many ghost stories behind so many places in Lake George. Even Prospect Mountain, where a health resort hotel was built, only to burn down twice, has its haunted legends. Fred told us the building which now houses the resorts work out area is part of the original hotel and is very haunted by a women who is seen strolling through the building towards the ladies room only to then pass right through the wall and vanish. He continued on about the graveyard saying that once a little girl and her Mother were near the cemetery and the young child turned to her Mother and said “ Mommy, why are all those people standing in the cemetery,” upon which her Mother turned and said “ What people?” “ I do not see anyone in there.” “But I clearly see them all standing there,” she insisted. This story intrigued us and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to investigate the cemetery later that night. We made sure Fred said the Lake George Sheriff was okay with it. So after our investigation of the function halls we headed to the cemetery. This being my 11th visit to Lake George, I knew right where it was. Mike picked up the name “ Emily” in an EVP in the cemetery but probably the most phenomenal thing that happened here was around a grave with a single name on its headstone, which was in the shape of a cross. A very old and decrepit wrought iron fence surrounds this solitary cross, which was marked with the name Norman. The cemetery is on a hill and the road has a steep incline. Mike was near the top doing some reflective photography using one of his mirrors to capture paranormal images when the mirror, which is contained in a round case, slipped out of his hands and began rolling down the hill. It picked up speed as it headed down the hill and it looked for sure that it was going to land outside the cemetery on the road below when it suddenly veered to the right and stopped in front of the wrought iron fence surrounding the grave of Norman. Mike immediately decided to do an audio recording since the mirror seemed to stop there for a reason and captured a very clear EVP of a young boys voice.

The highlight of the trip was, of course, the investigation of Fort William Henry itself. The fort had been reconstructed to match the original fort and built upon the exact location where the fort had stood. It is reported to be profoundly haunted and our evidence validated this. Excavations there in 1953 and 1998 unearthed many human remains. Analysis showed that many of those found had been tortured before being killed. What is now called the dungeon was originally the field hospital for the sick and wounded. We captured a remarkable video on infrared here that began with a low moan, a streak of energy and the sound of scratching or clawing near the concrete floor. The scratching seems to be being made upon a dirt surface as it would have been at the time of the original fort, 100’s of years before, when it was the field hospital.

Several names were captured during the investigation. In conjunction with the name of the fort itself, I captured a clear EVP saying “ Henry.” Mike also got the name “Chad” in an EVP.

At one point in the museum portion of the fort, Linda and a few staff members saw a dark shadow pass by a white plaque on the wall. As it went by it completely blocked out the white object and flew out the door into the courtyard. It was here that Leo snapped several sequential pictures on infrared film and captured an amazing black shadowy image, which appears to move across the courtyard and then actually changes positions and turns around directly facing the camera. In the first shot of the sequence, a lighter appearing apparition seems transposed over the dark shadow as it is running by in the opposite direction.

Leo was able to capture two impressive EVP during the investigation at the fort. EVP can be both residual imprints from the past and not related to the questions posed to the ghost or they can be interactive and answer what is asked in real time. Such was the case with Leo’s amazing EVP captures.

In the first EVP the spirit answers every question Leo asks. It is as though he was right there with him in our own physical dimension. The session went like this, (Leo) “ Can you hear me?” (EVP) “I can hear you.” (Leo) Did you die here?” (EVP) “ No.” (Leo) Thank you for this information.” (EVP) “You’re welcome.” In another of Leo’s EVP, again an interactive response comes through. Leo asks, “ Were you a soldier that died here?” The Ghost then clearly responds, “ I was a soldier.” These two EVP supply incredible validating evidence for proof of paranormal activity at Fort William Henry.

There were so many phenomenal happenings during our investigation at the fort and I have only mentioned those, which we found most phenomenal. I will finish the report with what the team feels is perhaps one of the most haunted areas in the fort, that being the gift shop. Throughout the evening loud knocks could occasionally be heard in various sections of the gift shop walls. Later that evening Mike returned to the gift shop alone. He was walking through the aisles with his digital audio recorder when the room came alive with a series of rhythmic knocks that traveled from one side of the room to the other. Luckily he was recording and he captured this live event on his recorder.

  A short time later Rocky came by and Mike told him what had occurred. They walked to the opposite side of the room and Rocky asked loudly "Can you do that again". To their amazement the knocking started immediately, this time at the other side of the room, with a series of knocks along the wall that ended with a knock that was distinctively different. It sounded like two pieces of wood being lightly tapped together and Mike and Rocky couldn't believe it because that final knock came from one of the items on the gift shop floor not from the walls as the others had. This put an end to any speculation that the knocking coming from the walls could have had a logical explanation such as the air ducts and pipes behind the walls. Later we all got together and traced the different sounding knock to a display of wooden wind chimes that according to our hosts have been known to move on their own from time to time without a breeze or anyone around them.

The investigation of Fort William Henry and surrounding areas in Lake George New York can only be described as absolutely amazing. The area is, without doubt, one of the most haunted we have been to. There are nightly ghost tours at the fort and historical tours during the day that run through October. So if you want to experience the fort and a paranormal tour of it yourself you can read all about it on the Fort William Henry website at www.fwhmuseum.com . Lake George is a beautiful place to visit anytime of the year. It is no wonder why tourists, me being one of them, enjoy it so much. Whether you set out to Lake George for a paranormal adventure or just a great vacation you are sure to be amazed at the history, beauty and friendliness of the people there. It is the very reason why I visit the village of Lake George once every year.  Lake George is a place not to be missed. A wonderful resort to stay at, with a few haunted rooms of its own, is the Fort William Henry Resort and they have a great breakfast there each morning along with incredibly wonderful food in the adjoining lookout Café and surrounding restaurants. You can find any type of food you desire within walking distance. The resort can be seen at www.fortwilliamhenry.com.





These pictures, taken by Mike Sullivan at Battlefield Park show a routine picture (above) and a not so routine picture taken moments after the first one.



These pictures, taken by Mike Sullivan at Fort George in Battlefield Park show another not so routine picture with the object being similar in form to the one above.




This picture, shows Mike's mirror as it was rolling down the hill before stopping at this gravestone where he recorded the voice of a young boy.


A few more pictures from the Caldwell Cemetery




Rhythmic Knocking In The Gift Shop.  Recorded by Mike Sullivan in the Fort William Henry Gift Shop.

This is not an EVP in the traditional sense. It was heard live, and recorded as it occurred.

 Click here to read about this clip and other paranormal activity that occurred in the Gift Shop.




Three EVP's:    " I Can Hear You"  " No"  "Your Welcome"  -  Recorded by Leo Monfet at Fort William Henry.

This is an great example of an interactive evp recording.

Leo asks two questions and then thanks the spirit. Amazingly, he gets meaningful responses to everything he said.



Hey Jim (or Hey Dude), You Want To Smoke Some - Recorded by Mike Sullivan in the Caldwell Cemetery.

This evp was captured after my mirror (which was rolling down the hill, inexplicitly stopped in front of a particular grave). Click here if you'd like to read the story.

Everyone who has heard this evp agrees that it is the voice of a young boy. However, no one can say for certain what he is saying. A few people have heard "Hey Jim, or Hey Dude, You Want To Smoke Some" so for now that's how we have it listed.


Come With Me - Recorded by Mike Sullivan in the Caldwell Cemetery.

I Was A Soldier - Recorded by Leo Monfet at the ruins of Fort George.

That's Incredible - Recorded by Karen Mossey at the Conference Center.

Five - Recorded by Mike Sullivan at the Conference Center.

I'm Chad - Recorded by Mike Sullivan at the Conference Center.

Forgive Them - Recorded by Karen Mossey at the Conference Center.

Emily - Recorded by Mike Sullivan in the Caldwell Cemetery.

Help Me - Recorded by Mike Sullivan at Fort William Henry.  

I'll Chain Louie - Recorded by Karen Mossey at Fort William Henry.

F*ck Me - Recorded by Karen Mossey at the Conference Center.

Henry - Recorded by Karen Mossey at Fort William Henry

Tell Him - Recorded by Mike Sullivan in the Caldwell Cemetery.

Not Now - Recorded by Karen Mossey at Fort William Henry.  

I'm In The Liner - Recorded by Rocky Morrison at the Conference Center.

Hello It's Jack - Recorded by Leo Monfet at Fort William Henry.

Copyright 2009. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.