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Windham Restaurant

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First Investigation

Second Investigation

Third Investigation



Video  (SCTV - 17  Joined Us For The Investigation On April 6th, 2009)

Video  (HDTV - 20  (Spektral Evidence) Joined Us For The Investigation On November 28th, 2011)



The Windham Restaurant - First Investigation

November 26th 2007

Conditions: 50 degrees – Rain

Investigators: Leo, Karen, Mike and Mindy

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved

The group was invited to do an investigation at the Windham restaurant in Windham, NH this past Monday evening 11/26/2007 after closing hours. We arrived early to set up so that we would be ready to go after the restaurant closed. Infrared audio/visual monitors were set up on the third and second floors to keep continual surveillance for any activity that might occur while no one was present. We would then do a sweep of the entire restaurant with our mobile video and audio equipment and sensing devices.
The Windham has a history of long term human occupancy. Many families have lived there over more then a hundred years of its existence. The restaurant has a pictorial display of many old photographs lining the walls of the first and second floor that depict the way things appeared in the 1800’s. 
Many psychics who have visited the Windham have sensed the presences of several Spirits including, young children, and an older man and a woman. It is said that the older man may be a man named Jacob who suffered a fatal heart attack while coming down the stairs to the first floor and fell dead at the bottom of the staircase. One member of the wait staff has seen the apparition of a man in period dress standing at the top of the stairs and gazing down. Does Jacob haunt the restaurant not realizing that he has died?
Infrared photographs taken by Leo from past investigations at the Windham have revealed images of what appears to be a young boy. It is said that the Spirits of young children at the Windham play pranks by placing objects in odd positions throughout the restaurant. Dishes have mysteriously fallen from shelves, chairs and table settings rearranged, coffee pots turning on by themselves and , often, the owners come in early in the morning to open up the restaurant, after securing and locking everything the night before only to find some of the windows wide open. One of the owners even reported going into one of the dining rooms and seeing the apparition of a man sitting at one of the tables. She ran from the room and told others and when they went to the room to check there was no one present.
We were able to gather some interesting evidence during our investigation at the Windham among which were several EVP which relate to what sensitives have found there in the past. One EVP was the voice of a young child stating “Where’s Mother.”
Another EVP message gave the name “It’s Sid,” a name quite common during the 1800’s. Perhaps these were the energies of the children who remain there. Other EVP messages were those we so often capture at haunted locations saying “Help me,” and “Hello.”
We are looking forward to going back to the Windham but this time for an overnight to see what more we can come to understand about those unearthly residents who chose to remain there.
The Windham is truly a spectacular and spooky place. Its tall Victorian architecture and ominous position right at the intersection of Rte 111 in Windham is quite the sight to see and , it features some of the best cuisine in the area. So for a great meal and supernatural environment the Windham Restaurant is the place to be.



The Windham Restaurant – Second Investigation

Monday, April 6th 2009 7:00 PM

Karen Mossey, Mike Sullivan, Leo Monfet, Katie Craft, Special Guest Cathy Turgeon, The television crew of Channel 17 Salem NH

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved


It is always an exciting experience visiting the Windham Restaurant in Windham, NH. I have been on several investigations there which have yielded very interesting paranormal evidence. This past adventure we were fortunate to have a television crew come along with us.

The owners called us in because strange activity had started up once again in the restaurant. People in the bar had seen things move right across the counter top and one gentleman was actually hit by an airborne object. The ghostly activity at the Windham is nothing new. For as long as it had been a restaurant, things that go bump in the night are not unusual there. Dishes have been known to fall off shelves in the kitchen. Chairs are turned around. Windows that are shut in the evening when the restaurant is closed are found wide open in the morning when the staff comes to work. One person witnessed boxes stacked in mid air across the stairs on the third floor and I myself, during a previous investigation, saw a box perfectly still standing up on one corner: something, that in the laws of physics, should not be possible. As I went to take a picture of this phenomenon I recorded an EVP that said “get the camera.” Some of the waitresses have seen phantasms out of the corner of their eyes. One member of the staff came around the corner and looked up the staircase only to see a man looking down at her from the top of the landing. As quick as she saw him there, he vanished into thin air. It is believed that at one time in the history of the house, a man fell to his death from the top of the stairs. The Windham was a residence for several families over its long history. Many people, young and old, have lived in the home. During a previous investigation Leo captured an infrared photo of an apparition of a young boy. The picture was so clear one could distinctly make out his hair, eyes, nose and ears. In the first photo Leo took the young boy was clearly there. In the second shot, which had been taken immediately after the first, the boy was gone and a long streak of energy indicated he had made a quick exit. It is an amazing capture. Anytime there is a long history of people living in a home there is bound to be a few ghosts that, for some reason, whether it is emotional, traumatic or personal, decide to visit upon occasion the place which holds many memories for them. It might not be the case that these Spirits are stuck here but that they like to visit whenever they can.

The Ghost of the small boy and an older man, seem to be predominant Spirits at the Windham. Mediums that have visited the Windham often pick up their presence right away. The Medium that accompanied us on this investigation, Katie Craft, also sensed the spirit of an older man. She had the name James come to her mind. She thought he lived in the home around the mid 1800’s and saw a civil war uniform. She told us that she perceived that he had passed away from a heart attack or stroke and had fallen down the stairs. She said the fall was a consequence of this and not an accident. She further believed that this man was the grandfather to the Spirit of the small boy that often haunts the restaurant. One of the predominant Ghosts Katie picked up on was that of a servant woman who she thought was named Carolyn. She said that this woman was so used to taking care of the family and doing her matronly function that she continues to go about her business. She said often silverware will be rearranged to the way it was placed on the table during the time period when this maid had worked there. Katie told us she was a gentle Spirit that approves of the old fashion décor in the restaurant and is happy with the quaint way the restaurant has been restored and maintained. In one image that Mike captured using “reflective photography”, (he shoots a picture of a reflective surface or mirror which often produces strange paranormal images and apparitions’) we saw what appeared to be the image of a woman with a maids cap on. This would be in tune with what Katie had picked up in her impression.

There are two dining areas on the second floor and we set up different pieces of equipment in each room. I had placed my motion detector on the mantel above the fireplace in one room and left it there while we conducted part of the investigation on the other side. Katie had told us that she felt the two rooms on the second floor had once been bedrooms when the house was a farm. All of a sudden, and with no one in the other room, the motion detector went off as if someone had moved it. What I think happens is that the Spirit energy passes near this very sensitive device and this triggers it to go off just as if someone had physically moved it. We ran into the room just to make sure that there was no one present. This is the kind of exciting stuff we love to see happen during our investigations. So having just experienced this Leo decided to acknowledge our visitor and make a request. He asked “Can you make a sound?” I captured a very clear interactive response from what sounded like a male entity that adamantly said “No!”

I ventured through the door under the exit sign and found a stairwell leading to the outside of the restaurant. In this room there was an old photo of the Windham. I read that the structure was built in 1729 and was originally a farm. Several families had lived there over the years. It then became a tavern and then again a family home and finally into a restaurant as it is now. While going down the stairs with my recorder and camera I felt as though I was being followed. I heard footsteps and the creaking of the stairs behind me. I turned around and said a quick hello and asked if there was anyone with me. At this moment I recorded an EVP saying “Take the guns.” Settlers’ in the 1700’s and 1800’s often had guns on the property. Farmers needed these for hunting and protection. There were also still instances of hostile Indian attacks in this time period. This EVP is an example of a non interactive EVP. There was no direct answer to my question but merely an emotional statement that probably was said 100’s of years before. It is an imprint in time and space but of an actual event or response that really did happen, at one time or another.

We finished the evening investigating the cellar. Some of us simultaneously heard live what sounded like a moan? Interestingly, though we did not hear this sound on our recorders, Mike did capture an EVP in a disembodied voice saying “I don’t think so!” The digital temperature gauge captured sudden drops in temperature in the cellar when Katie announced that she detected a Ghost presence at this time. The temperature went down more then ten degrees and it got so cold I could almost see my breath. Within a short time the coldness subsided and it became tolerable again. Paranormal investigators surmise that when an entity is present the temperature can very suddenly drop. This is because they literally drain whatever heat energy is present in the area to use for manifesting. Once the entity has gone the temperature normalizes. It is an interesting theory in paranormal research.

We were unable to capture anything on the infrared video camera’s but the photos and especially EVP evidence we captured during this investigation at the Windham restaurant were clearly enough to show us that this is, indeed, a very active place and the Ghostly visitors made their presence well known this night.

The Windham restaurant has fabulous food and the dining experience is truly wonderful there. It’s a great place to go out to eat or to meet some friends at the bar. You may just bump into a few of the unseen kind. Visiting the Windham is always a great experience both for your appetite and personal curiosity. Here is their website. Enjoy!! http://www.windhamrestaurant.com/



The Windham Restaurant – Third Investigation

Monday, November 28th 2011

Karen Mossey, Mike Sullivan, Leo & Linda Monfet, Rocky Morrison & Psychic Medium April Sheerin along with special guests Jessica & Connor Mackey, Joe Duda and the crew of  Hudson HDTV20's Spektral Evidence Show

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved


Everyone knows about the ghosts that frequent the Windham Restaurant in Windham, NH but not everyone has the opportunity to have the privilege of conducting an investigation and interacting with them. The owners were happy to have us back and we brought along several special guests and the crew of the Hudson Cable Television Station (HDTV20 “ Spektral Evidence) to accompany us on our ghostly adventure there.

We set up several night vision infrared camera's in the basement which , we learned from past encounters there, usually has a great deal of paranormal activity and let them roll while we made our way throughout the other rooms and three floors of the Windham. We were very fortunate to have our Psychic/Medium, April Sheerin, with us. It seems that whenever there is a Medium present it attracts activity from the Ghostly residents. This was certainly the case this night. It is as if she has some type of magnetic pull on the Spirits. The fact that they know she senses them allows them to better communicate with us. For some Ghosts, this may be all they need to help allow them to rest easier. In one of the dining rooms on the second floor April sensed a man that had been severely burned on one half of his body. This had left him horribly scarred and disfigured. The accident had not been the cause of his demise but his tragedy marred him for his entire life and he carried this with him to his grave. Because of his inability to resolve his sadness over this, he remains attached to the place where he befell this terrible experience. While in the room making contact with this man, April said she felt as though she was on fire and the external temperature of the area around her went as high as 96 degrees according to our infrared and laser thermometers. Everywhere else in the room the temperature was a constant 70 degrees. It was only in the vicinity around April where the temperature spiked so high. Once contact was broken and she indicated that the ghost of this man had gone, the temperature around her fell to the same temperature as in the rest of the room.

On the third floor we experienced several entities. When my daughter and grandson, who accompanied us on this investigation, were on the third floor in one of the rooms, we asked if this room had been someones bedroom. We recorded an interactive EVP here saying “ Bedroom?” “Yes I slept in here.” The ghosts of the Windham are generally very interactive and aware of our presence there. In one room on the third floor my daughter felt extreme pain in her neck and a negative presence there. Upon returning to the second floor she said to me that her neck hurt badly and this had just started since going up to the third floor. We decided to have the entire team go up. In the room where my daughter had felt this negative presence and where she began feeling her neck hurt, April spoke up and, without ever having spoken to my daughter, said she felt a very strong and dark presence and that this entity had had a severe blow to the neck. My daughter and I made instant eye contact as this certainly corroborated her same experience in this room. My grandson Connor sat down in a chair in the room and felt as though someone was pushing down on his shoulders. April said it was a little boy and that he wanted to play with Connor. It had been a long time since he had another little boy there to play with. April warned him that it was okay to come forward and speak and interact with us but it was not okay for him to try and jump into Connors body because he so missed having a physical body of his own. He seemed to then move away from surrounding Connor but continued to interact with us throughout the night. I think he was happy to have someone his age there that night. Then April asked if they needed her to help them and a little child’s voice was heard in an EVP message saying “ Yes ,We need Help.” It is always emotional for us to hear these messages from little children and try as we may to help them, it is not always effective for reasons we do not know. History has told us that the Windham , built in the 1800s, was a tavern and farm at one time. Before this, there was a farm on the land as far back as the 1700's and pioneers and Indians lived on the land. There are records of several deaths that occurred there and one of these deaths was documented as a little boy who, we believe, is the boy who haunts the Windham. He was run over by a wagon in front of the building and passed away a short time after. A man who had a heart attack at the top of the stairs leading to the second floor and fell to his death down the stairs, has also been recorded.

Later on the second floor April sensed the spirits of several children, including the small boy. She told us that two young girls are always around him and they often protect him. During this time the flashlight lit up and turned off several times in direct response to questions we asked of these Ghostly children.

We closed out the investigation with a trip to the basement. April told us there were three loud and talkative spirits here. Two she knew were killed in this spot but one was there for a reason other then the fact that he had died there. They had a sense of humor she told us. They thought it was comical and curious that there were women there dressed in pants because only men wore pants in their day. They perceived those of us wearing pants as being in our bloomers.






From The Third (Latest) Investigation:


Recorded by Karen Mossey.


Bedroom, I Slept In Here

Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Spoken after Karen asks, "Was this your bedroom? Did you sleep up here?"


Get Moving

Recorded by Mike Sullivan.


"No" (followed by an eerie laugh)

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


Yes We Need Help

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


Can You Help Me

Recorded by Mike Sullivan.


"We Can't Do That Now

Recorded by Karen Mossey. Spoken after Karen says "Use your energy to light that up"



Recorded by Mike Sullivan. 


Yes We Need Help

Recorded by Karen Mossey.  Spoken after Karen says "Do you want me to help you?



Recorded by Karen Mossey. 



From The Second Investigation:


Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  Karen makes the request, "Tell Us Your Name" and two evp's follow. The first is difficult to understand and we were not able to make it out. The second evp answers her request by giving us his name "Pete.



Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Leo asks "Can you make a sound"?


Take Your Guns

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


"Not Me - I Don't Think So" Segment

Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  We were in the cellar and we thought we heard a sound. Mike was recording and picked up Katie, Karen and himself discussing what just occurred. In between their discussion is a male voice saying "Not Me" and "I Don't Think So". See below for the these separate evps.


Not Me

Recorded by Mike Sullivan. This is the first evp from the "Not Me - I Don't Think So Segment".


I Don't Think So

Recorded by Mike Sullivan. This is the second evp from the "Not Me - I Don't Think So Segment". It is spoken at the same time as Katie is saying "That was an audible" referring to the sound we heard live.


"We're Dead - Bitch" Segment

Recorded by Mike Sullivan. Karen playfully states "Too Bad, We're Here" after asking if any of the spirits minded us being in the building. There are two evp replies, the first is a gruff voice saying "We're Dead" followed quickly by a quiet voice saying "Bitch". See below for the these separate evps.


We're Dead

Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  This is the first evp from the "We're Dead - Bitch" Segment".



Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  This is the second evp from the "We're Dead - Bitch" Segment".



From The First Investigation:

Where's Mother

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


It's Sidney

Recorded by Mike Sullivan.


Get Help

Recorded by Mike Sullivan.


Help Me

Recorded by Mike Sullivan



From  An Earlier Investigation Conducted By Karen & Leo:

Get The Camera

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


Very Good

Recorded by Leo Monfet.


Thank You For Looking

Recorded by Karen Mossey.





From  An Earlier Investigation Conducted By Karen & Leo:

These amazing photo's were taken by our good friend and fellow investigator,  Leo Monfet, using infrared film.

In the photo on the left, Leo captured this image of a young boy (center, bottom).

The image below, taken immediately after the first picture, captured the young boy leaving just as quickly as he came.


 Copyright - Leo Monfet

Close Up





A Few Pictures From The Third (Latest) Investigation





From The Second Investigation


Notice the strange anomaly on the edge of the mantel.

This picture was taken by our good friend Cathy shortly after the motion detector (on the mantel) went off with no one in the room. We discovered it had been moved slightly. 

Close Up

This photo was taken by Mike Sullivan using his Reflective Photography method.

Close Up

Here are two photo's of the crew from Channel 17 filming Dr. Katie Craft as she describes what she is sensing.




This photo of Katie was taken by Leo in the basement. The male spirit she was speaking with seems to be passing through her.

Karen, our guest Cathy, Katie and Leo after the investigation.


Copyright. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.