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Wilton Town Hall Theatre - Wilton N.H.

Investigation Report






Wilton Town Hall Theatre Investigation

August 9th 2008

Time 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM August 10th

Conditions: Dark, Damp

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All Rights Reserved


Thanks to the hospitality of our good friend and proprietor of the Wilton Town Hall Theatre Dennis Markaverich, we were privileged to undertake an investigation at this amazing, very old and quite haunted theatre. Dennis is very fond of his ghosts and has come to know them quite well over the many years he has spent running this incredible historical movie theatre. When the last movie ends, Dennis begins his long night and well into the next morning cleaning and readying the theatre for the next days show. He told us of several encounters with the tall man in a black hat that he saw walking slowly down the center aisle in the larger movie hall. He said the apparition reminded him of President Lincoln. Dennis called him one of his regulars. Sometimes he catches a quick movement of something out of the corner of his eye and on other occasions it is a full ghostly apparition that manifests. But as quickly as he see’s them is as quickly as they vanish into another dimension. Many psychics have come to the Wilton Town Theatre and shared the same sensation of the ghost of a little boy named Henry. Dennis tells us that Henry hangs out on the landing at the old staircase going up to the second floor. Even many of Dennis friends who are police officers don’t like going up the stairs due to the feeling that something unseen is present there. Dennis himself served for sometime in law enforcement. Henry, Dennis tells us, is the ghost of a little boy whose parents died in a tragic fire which burned down the hotel that originally stood where the theatre now stands. Dennis believes Henry may have been responsible for this terrible accident and bears the guilt of his parents demise. This keeps him bound to the theatre, forever going up and down the staircase looking for his Mother. He is a trapped, wandering Spirit, unable to move on and into the light where his parents are waiting for him. History tells us there were two hotels on the spot where the Wilton Town Theatre now stands. They both were destroyed in fires.

The walls of the theatre are adorned with black and white photos of actors and actresses from films made long ago. The nostalgia of this wonderful theatre is like no other place in the area and many people come from miles around to enjoy a movie, fresh buttered popcorn and refreshments as they step back in time in a theatre that was once home to Vaudeville performers and silent movies. Dennis still carries on a tradition of playing one silent movie a month.

The Wilton Town Theatre was erected in 1833 and remains a strong foundation and historical monument in the town of Wilton. Dennis, who has loved this theatre for so long, even as a boy when movies were .10 cents, continues to maintain this majestic theatre. It is a labor of love and passion for him and he has established a bond with all of his unseen friends. He seems to know his Ghosts personally and protects them. He does not take too kindly to his Ghosts being upset. Over many years of its existence and many patrons, from actors, vaudeville troupes, soldiers, children and people from all walks of life, the energy of this building can be felt as you walk through its large wooden doors. It is as if all of the performances, movies and full grandeur both past and present are still plying out on the theatre stage.

Dennis has kept the nostalgia alive. Thick velvet curtains adorn the stage and solid wooden banisters and floors are kept well polished. In the projection room hang old movie reels and equipment some of which is still in perfect working condition. The clock tower is operated by a huge pendulum that swings rhythmically to and fro making a noise reminiscent of a tell tale heart beat. Very spooky. The ladies room has the original wooden doors to the stalls and Dennis related a story about a very paranormal experience a woman had while she was in there. She had just finished washing her hands and looked up to gaze into the mirror and as she looked there appeared a woman with long black hair behind her in the mirror. She quickly turned around only to see no one was there and ran quickly out.

Mike and I were joined by fellow paranormal investigator Leo Monfet and his good friend Regina, psychic medium John Lord and our webmaster MBTC and his son Alex at the theatre to conduct our investigation. We were greeted by our host and proprietor of the Wilton town Theatre; its very own Dennis Markaverich. Dennis gave us a guided tour of the theatre including the attic and basement which was once the Wilton Jailhouse. The bars have been removed from both the jail cells. Yes, there were only two. Not much crime in the quaint town of Wilton. Wilton was and still is a quiet and peaceful town. He took us behind the stage and to both projection rooms. Dennis gets busy after the shows end and starts cleaning the theatre. He graciously left all the doors and rooms open for us and allowed us to roam freely throughout the entire theatre, set up our base camp and begin our investigation.

The theatre felt alive. John got a strong impression of several spirits there. He sensed a feeling of being unwanted in the projection room as if somebody was telling him “Off limits in here!” I recorded an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) in the projection room that sounds like “Watch out!” At one point while completely alone in the balcony of the main Theatre doing EVP work, I asked the question “Were you a performer here?” Immediately I received a very emphatic and crystal clear EVP of a gentleman saying “No! Another clear EVP was captured in the jail cell area when I asked “Is there anyone here?” A male voice answered in an EVP saying “Rachel. “ I always wonder after listening to these phenomenal voices on playback who these people were and why are they still present in the theatre. Spirits usually stay behind due to strong emotional or traumatic reasons. Hauntings are prevalent in places where there has been long term human occupancy.

We set up our infrared cameras and monitors in strategic places where Dennis had told us he had witnessed paranormal activity. This included the main theatre, the projection room and the landing of the stairwell. It was quite the investigation and we had a very hard time wrapping it up, even at after 4:00 AM Sunday morning.

The team was able to capture several anomalies in photographs and video and some significant and very clear EVP messages. On one occasion, while up in the storage room leading to the attic, John was touched gently upon his head almost like a “pat.” While I was in one of the rooms which Dennis told us was used, at one time long ago, as a schoolroom, I felt as though I was not in there alone and I quickly snapped several pictures. A milky white energy mass appeared in one shot near the floor and in the second shot, taken only a second later, was completely absent. Another strange almost ectoplasmic energy appeared outside one of the windows leading to the attic.

So is the Wilton Town Theatre haunted? Our conclusion is very much so, but in a very positive way. We sensed a great deal of energy, captured some awesome evidence and enjoyed every minute of this fantastic investigation experience.

The Wilton Town Theatre is a really neat place. Everyone should take the time to catch a movie there and enjoy the atmosphere. It is a must visit historical wonder.

Our special thanks to Dennis Markaverich and all of his special guests or should I say Ghosts of the amazing Wilton Theatre. To learn more about the Wilton Town Theatre and check out its history and what is coming up for shows go to http://www.wiltontownhalltheatre.com




Recorded by Karen Mossey. This is a response to Karen asking "We're you a performer here".



Recorded by Karen Mossey. This is a response to Karen asking "Is there anyone here".



Yes, Randall

Recorded by Mike Sullivan during an earlier investigation. This is in response to Mike asking "Any one here that would like to speak with us".


Hello, I'm Lost Too

Recorded by Mike Sullivan during an earlier investigation. We hear this pretty clearly. It appears to be the voice of a young boy or possibly a girl. The second portion of this clip isn't as clear but we hear, "I'm watching" or possibly "I'm walking" followed by a male voice saying "I'm watching". Thanks to our good friend Suzanne Russo for her help in identifying what is being said in this evp.


Hello, I'm Lost Too (Slowed Down)

Here is a slightly slower version of the previous evp.






This strange image was captured by Leo Monfet, using infrared film, while taking a picture of Regina on the stairs.

Close Up

This photo, from the attic, was taken by our WebMasters son Alex


Close Up

Another interesting picture taken by Alex

Close Up

This photo, taken by Alex is very strange.

 There was nobody wearing white in the room and we could find nothing in the room to explain it.

    Close Up
This picture was taken by our Web Masters son Alex in the main theater.
Close Up
Another interesting photo  taken by Alex. In the close up is what appears to be a face which you may be able to spot in the left most bottom reel.

Close Up

Nothing paranormal in these two photos, once again taken by our Web Master, just some nice pictures of the Theatre


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.