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Windham N.H. Video Store

Investigation Report







Video Store Investigation

Tuesday, 11-19-2009 8:00 PM

Investigators: Mike Sullivan, Carrie and JW Cox, Rocky Morrison, Leo Monfet and Karen Mossey

Copyright Karen Mossey All rights reserved



The team was asked to investigate a video store in the local area that had reported several paranormal happenings. The shop had been home to several other businesses before it became a bookstore. One of the owners reported that he had, on several occasions, been working in the store alone and heard the sounds of a group of people making a lot of noise in one of the adjoining rooms. He said that it sounded like there was a party going on. They had also come into the store one day and witnessed DVD’s that had flown off the shelf and landed over 10 feet away as if thrown the distance by a powerful unseen force. With all of this having been told to us we were anxious to see if any of this paranormal activity would play out while we conducted an investigation there. So, equipped with our usual bundle of paranormal equipment; infrared cameras, digital recorders, EMF meters, video cameras, and digital temperature gauges, we began the adventure. We arrived at 8:00; gathered and set up our equipment. Then it was lights out and we started the investigation. The main part of the store was not that large and so easily manageable for this investigation. We could always see where the members of the team were so we did not need to concentrate on keeping together. There were basically three areas. I felt most of the activity occurred in the room directly facing the main lobby and entrance. There was a small black curtain hanging in the room which swayed gently every time you passed by it. Nothing paranormal, but it certainly helped enhance the effect of a supposedly haunted store. Upon first arriving, Carrie lent me her copper dowsing rods so that we could try to make an initial connection with whomever the Spirit(s) that were present there were. In this dowsing, I asked the Spirit to cross the rods for a “yes” answer and to spread them apart for a “no” answer. I then proceeded to entertain several questions to the entity(s). “Are you a man” I asked? The reply was “No.” Naturally this leaves only one other option; the communicating Ghost was a woman. So we wondered if there were other spirits there. But when this question was proposed the rods did not cross. This was an indication that she was the only one. We continued with the questions trying to figure out how old she might be: over 40? No. Then under 40? Yes. Carrie guessed 35 years old. No. Rocky guessed 37 and 38. No. I guessed 31 and the rods crossed to a yes answer. So now we knew that we were in contact with a woman that was 31 years old and that she was the dominant Spirit present there. We continued with a few other questions with the rods asking if we were wanted there; if she wanted us to leave; why she was there and whether or not we could help her. All through this interrogation the rods fluctuated between strong affirmative and negative or indecisive responses. Carrie felt as though the rods were actually pulling away from her and sometimes pulling strongly downward. Interestingly, JW asked the question “Did you die here” and the rods almost instantly crossed to a very strong yes? Through this dowsing we were able to ascertain many facts about our resident Ghost. Now we began zeroing in on responses more detailed then Yes or No replies through the inception of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). With recorders in hand, Mike, Karen and JW began asking questions and requests of the Spirit of the lady there. In conjunction with us recording, Leo was taking infrared shots. Carrie, JW and Mike were taking digital pictures and video. In one of Carries shots an interesting energy mass was seen in one spot of the room preceded by a white streak of what looked liked ectoplasm stretching out in front of it across the floor. In the very next shot it had moved clear across the room. In another photo Carrie took, there was a large misty form of energy right on me as I was walking out of the room. Was this ladies spirit following me? I have a tendency to be very empathic in investigations and sense the emotions of those who may tragically or otherwise be earthbound and remain trapped in a place due to some form of trauma or emotion that may have occurred in the time of their physical life. We always try to be respectful and never force or demand answers from the entity(s). We asked if she could move something to show us that she was there or to make a knocking sound for us. Nothing happened in response to this request. It is my opinion that free will exists in the Spirit world just like it does here in the physical. You can’t make a spirit do what you ask and antagonizing them doesn’t work every time either nor is it our practice to conduct our investigations this way. I sometimes push a little further to say such things as “We would appreciate it if you could move something and can’t be sure if you are really here unless you show us,” though I know our photo’s , video’s and EVP are the main evidence that will later reveal the presence of spirit and paranormal activity. Before finishing up the investigation for the night, we played several of our EVP back and it was clear that we had captured many responses on our recorders.  Before we left the store, we did one final EVP thanking whoever came through for us that evening. This is something we always do when closing out the night. We also thanked our host for allowing us the opportunity to come in for this paranormal adventure. Since there were surveillance cameras in the store, we suggested he examine tapes to see if the security cameras had picked up anything that could validate the paranormal occurrences that had previously been reported there. When I got home that evening I played back a few of the EVP I had recorded during the investigation. One interesting message came through and was heard right off the recorder very clearly. I had asked the Spirit of the lady why she remained there and if she was tied to the business and I received this reply; “Please…no one cares about me.” I felt so sad when I heard this and can only wonder what may have occurred in this woman’s life to make her feel so alone and unappreciated. This is part of the reason we are driven so passionately to paranormal research and our findings; first to validate that something truly exists after the change of physical death and that energy continues in some form and second to try to establish a consistency in our findings that can help us understand why strong emotion tends to so often be exhibited in cases of what we refer to as “haunting.”



No Church Loved Me - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Maryanne Kelly - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.   

Knocking Sound - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. You'll hear the knocking shortly after Karen speaks. This was not heard by anyone in the room.

Knocking Sound - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. This is the same sequence as above recorded on a different recorder. Notice there is no knocking.

Follow Mike - Recorded by Mike Sullivan


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