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Tortilla Flat Restaurant - Merrimack N.H.


Investigation Report 







Tortilla Flat Restaurant

Tuesday, March 16th 2010 9:00 PM


Mike Sullivan, Leo and Linda Monfet, Rocky Morrison, Karen Mossey and Special Guest, Psychic/Medium April Sheerin.

Written by Karen Mossey: Copyright: All rights reserved


Tortilla Flat is a fine Mexican restaurant we all enjoy going out to on any occasion. The food is exceptional and they make the finest marguerites in town. They also carry “on draft” one of my favorite Ales, “ Dog Fish #60. It’s a tasty IPA. This Mexican restaurant has another special feature. Along with its excellent liquid “spirits,” it has Spirits of the ghostly kind as well. So along with its thirty plus years of doing great business as a restaurant it has throughout the years had a reputation of being haunted with many reports of paranormal activity. Leo, Mike and I have done several investigations here and with each visit we have gathered much in the way of ghostly evidence. Some of the staff have had their own share of personal experiences as well. One employee working the bar told us of how chairs are put up on the tables at the close of business at night and upon opening up in the morning are found back down around the table. We expected to find even more during this particular investigation because we had the privilege of being accompanied by our special friend and renowned psychic medium April Sheerin (www.newawakenings.org). The events and evidence captured from this evening proved our expectations to be correct.

Upon entering one of the dining rooms, April immediately placed her hand over her stomach and then moved them up towards her neck. She felt as though there had been someone who had suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach and another that gave her a vision of being strangled. She had the sense of much trauma having occurred through the long history of this place. She knew that, at one time, a barn had been part of the structure because she could see horses in her minds eye. April said that there were several layers of spirits in the restaurant extending back from many century’s. Tortilla Flat was built in the 1700’s and was, during the time of the abolitionist’s movement, an underground railroad used to help protect and give safe passage to slaves. At one point, she said there were several of them that were confined there for their own safety. In one EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recording, I asked the question,” Were you confined here?” I received a clear EVP answer in what sounded like a young woman’s voice saying “ Yes!” It should be noted that we discuss none of the history with April prior to any of our investigations so she relies entirely upon her psychic and mediumistic impressions. We find that having a medium present during paranormal investigations seems to increase the amount of activity. It is as if a medium is a draw for the spirits to manifest. In all of our investigations in which April has accompanied us, we have found that the haunting activity is enhanced and her accuracy to actual historical facts and details in quite phenomenal.

During one part of the investigation she stated that though some of the building was original the majority of the older beams supporting the structure were brought in from different places. Our host and owner of the restaurant was amazed to hear this and confirmed this to be true. She then moved out of the dinning area and into the hall where she stated that there were stairs directly under the floor where she was standing and that, directly in front of her, there had once been a door that now is a solid wall. These stairs she said were original stairs and led to the basement and to a passageway out enabling those hiding here to escape. Later when we went down to the basement we were shown the exact stairs, in the exact location, that April had previously told us of. While April was in one of the dinning rooms Leo captured a milky white ectoplasm like form surrounding the area where April was standing. At this same time, Rocky’s EMF (electro-magnetic field) detector starting spiking high readings. Since there was no obvious source as to where this EMF could be coming from, we theorize that it indicates the presence of spirit energy. It appeared as if more paranormal excitement was about ready to begin and the detailed descriptions of April’s findings were beginning to unfold. “There are seven (ghosts) present here now, “ she said. “ One of them is missing a couple of fingers.” He has a blue cap on and tells me he is a Union soldier of the Civil War.” She went on to describe more of the entities she was witnessing. She said an older woman in an apron had entered the room. To our amazement Mike captured an EVP referring to a “ Grandmother.” The letter “ M”” came to her and she thought perhaps the woman’s name was Mary or Martha. Then yet another spirit approached and she described her as a young girl whose name she intuited as “Justine.”

It was felt that at one time Tortilla Flat was a meetinghouse. Meetings were thought to have been held by the Abolitionists and that even famous names in history like John Brown, might have visited there. As we preceded downstairs into the basement, April said that the smell of smoke manifested before her. Sometimes paranormal activity plays out in the form of scents or smells that quickly come and then fade away at haunted locations. This indicated to her that, at one time, there had been a fire in the house. The owner later substantiated this as a fact and told us that part of the building had been added on. While in the basement we saw the remains of the original chimney and the stone and concrete foundation that supported the original home back in the 1700’s. At one point, I called the team over to look down a long passageway in the cellar. It was very dark and led a great distance under the house. Even with strong LED flashlights we could not detect the end of this tunnel. History tells of many of these passageways used as escape routes that ran under the ground and to the next closest house. It is interesting to note here, that a very old brick home stands directly across the street from Tortilla Flats. Could this tunnel have led all the way to that house as an escape passage during the time of the Underground Railroad?  Initially the landowners in the early days of America had extensive properties in terms of land. The boundaries of the property that Tortilla Flat now stands on extended back to the Merrimack River and served as a good source for transportation and commerce during both the revolutionary and Civil Wars. All this being said, there must have been such a great number of souls that passed through its doors during its long history.

Our host took us up to the attic where some of the original windows remain. There was an old mirror up there and Mike captured some interesting anomalies in some of the reflective pictures he took. As we began winding down the investigation, we went into a dinning room that is original to the 1700’s building. One of the windows had been redone with stained glass because so many customers had sworn they had seen the image of the face of an old woman starring in at them. Was this the “Grandmother,” Mike had picked up in a previous EVP. In this room, April picked up the name “Jacob.” We later found out that another psychic that had visited the restaurant spoke of the same name.  It was getting late and perhaps, just as our energy was beginning to wane, the energy of the entities of Tortilla Flat was also lowering. In an EVP I captured in this room, I stated, “ My name is Karen. What is yours?” On playback, we heard a very clear, disembodied voice answer back, apparently confused saying “ I’m not sure.”

We finished the investigation and thanked our hosts. Before closing we did one more EVP recording and thanked the spirits who had come through for us this evening and said “ Good Night.” Our salutation was immediately followed by a spirit voice returning our good night with an “(EVP) Good Night of his own. Not the same friendliness can be said of another resident ghost of Tortilla Flat who gave us an EVP message saying,” It’s time to get out!” We have come to believe, through our many experiences, with ghostly encounters that we are in fact dealing with those who were once physical people just like we are now and their personalities don’t change when they pass on into the next phase of existence. For a wonderful Mexican style dining experience and great drinks with a historic, friendly and inviting environment that can’t be beat, treat yourself to a night out at Tortilla Flats in Merrimack, NH. Tortilla Flat has been a favorite for so many for over thirty years. And if our true ghostly tales haven’t sparked enough of your curiosity as to it being haunted, check it out for yourself and see if you run into a ghost or two and have a genuine experience of your own. Either way you are sure to enjoy Tortilla Flat and go back again and again. Visit them at http://tortillaflat.userworld.com/fax_menu_merrimack.htm or better yet just take a trip there in person.




What appears to be an apparition surrounds Psychic/Medium April Sheerin in this photo taken by Leo Monfet using Night Vision.


There appears to be a face just behind and to the right of April in this picture taken by Leo Monfet.

Another interesting picture taken by Leo using Night Vision.

Picture of the original staircase leading to the underground railroad.

Another interesting picture taken by Leo using Night Vision.

Leo captured an apparition in this photo which was taken immediately after shooting the previous picture.

Close Up

This picture was shot into a mirror in an unused area of the house that is not part of the restaurant. It was taken by Mike Sullivan using his Reflective Photograpy method.

Close Up






Yeah  - Recorded by Karen Mossey --- Karen asks, "Were you in some way confined here?"

Not With The Grandmother - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

Why Kristen Why - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

I'll Sit - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

I'm Not Sure - Recorded by Karen Mossey --- Karen asks, "My name's Karen, what is yours?"

These Kids - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

You're Son, They Love You - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

I Hate You - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

I't's Time To Get Out - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

North - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.


Copyright 2010. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.