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A Private Home In Sandown N.H.


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A Private Home in Sandown, NH

November 2008

Karen Mossey, Leo Monfet, Mike Sullivan and Katie Craft

Conditions: Foggy and unseasonably warm.

Copyright Karen Mossey. All rights reserved


We had the privilege of conducting an investigation at a private home in Sandown, NH this past November and were honored to be accompanied on this adventure by psychic/medium Dr. Katie Craft, http://www.manifestamiracle.org

The house was one of the original structures in Sandown and was built c. 1720.

It had originally been a tavern and the current owner had restored and preserved this home beautifully. Much of the home was original colonial architecture with large fireplaces, solid wood floors and post and beam construction. It was like stepping back in time when we walked through the door.

The owner had told us nothing of what was happening in the home, other then both herself and the children had seen and been experiencing many different apparitions and paranormal occurrences. What she was hoping for us to validate was who these ghostly presences might be. It is always best to go into an investigation without knowing everything that occurred there or what the owner felt might be causing the ghostly phenomena. This gives integrity to the evidence we are able to gather.

Katie started picking up on flashes from the past right away when entering the home. She sensed the spirit of a child and a woman and said that both of them had died in the house. She also told the owner that she felt that, at one time, there had existed both a house across the street and a shop in back of the home that were tied to the family that lived in the main house. All of these were later confirmed when the owner told us that servants quarters had existed across the street in a separate structure when the home was a tavern in the 1700’s. She further verified that in the 1800’s a cobbler shop had been in the back of the home. The owner told Katie that several of the families that had lived in the home years before her had been into shoe making. They had even found an old shoe mold in the back yard. These facts corroborated the impressions that Katie had received. The owner also told us that she had done extensive historical research on the home when she moved in and that records showed that a young woman and a young girl had passed away in the home. She believed that this little girl was one of the resident spirits and that she was very fond of the current owner’s children. The owner had tried on several occasions to find the grave of the little girl but she was never able to locate it in any of the old Sandown burial grounds. Oftentimes, in the 1700’s, family members were buried on the property and only a wooden cross marked the site of internment. Over the years wood deteriorates and perhaps the place where the little child was buried is lost through the wears of time.

When the home was a tavern it was owned by a revolutionary soldier of stature in the early 1700’s. The owner felt that this man loved the tavern the way it was and managed it impeccably and his ties to the tavern are very much still there in the residual energy that remains. She had researched the original architecture of the home and knew exactly what had been changed over the years. Katie had pointed out one fireplace that she felt had been part of the original kitchen in the old tavern. The owner confirmed what Katie had said. Katie felt that there was the presence of a woman often seen around this fireplace. At one time the two fireplaces were connected and this connection had since been closed off. She felt the woman’s Spirit still sensed it in its original form and continued to go through the motions of cooking and serving from this kitchen as it used to be. The owner was absolutely amazed to hear this and validated everything Katie had seen through her psychic impression. She too had sensed this woman’s presence in the home. The owner also told us of how she saw the full apparition of a man in revolutionary attire standing in the entrance to the foyer and that her dog would stop and stare into this area, as though he was clearly seeing someone not visible to our human eyes. The owner said that her dog was very in tune to the ghosts in the house.

On one occasion a picture in the dining room flew off the wall and landed on the other side of the table. The owner told us she had a passion for this home but when the Spirits, who were very fond of her, disapproved of someone who was in the house they would cause things to happen. The picture incident was a case in point as a certain gentleman that was in the house at that time was not to their liking. The owner feels the Ghosts of her home protect her and her children and she very much approves of them being there and lives very comfortably with them. She was simply looking for us to validate what and whom she believed to be happily haunting her home. And this we did through the evidence we gathered that evening.

In the central living room with the large brick oven fireplace we captured several EVP (electronic voice phenomena) stating the name “Frank.” The owner later told us that one of the former owners of the house was a man named Frank. He had a very large family and was a shoe maker. This EVP assured us that one of the dominant Ghosts in the home was this man Frank. The owner told us that her son often sees a man in his bedroom with a black hat on and a beard and mustache. She later showed us one of the only pictures she has acquired through the historical research she had done. It was of this man and former owner Frank. Sure enough, he had a black hat on and a beard and mustache.

When we went upstairs the owner showed us a loft connected to her bedroom. There was a doll and dollhouse on the shelf in the loft. Katie told us that the ghost of the little girl likes to play here. We captured an energy orb close to this location and, around that same time, heard the live voice of a child. Upon hearing this, Mike asked the owner if the children had come home. She told us told they were staying at a friend’s house for the evening and there was no one in the house but those present in the room. Perhaps the Spirit of the little girl was there at that very moment. Mike had set up an infrared camera in the children’s room and in one of the video’s we taped that night we saw a very quick moving energy form streak across the doorway. Maybe Frank thought the children were home and decided to pay a visit.

One of the most interesting things we learned as the night came to an end was that the owner had looked at several different homes before she purchased this one. She told us there was something very special about this house and that when she first walked through the door she felt as if she belonged there. She said for some reason she felt as though she was returning home but knew well she had never been there before. Upon doing all of the research on the home in an attempt to determine if there was a historical connection that tied to her feelings and everything she was sensing there, she was amazed to find out that her last name is the same as the family of shoe makers that lived there so many years before. She is a direct descendant of the former owners. So was she definitely drawn here by the Ghosts? I think so and that they do, indeed, protect her and watch over her. She is part of the family. It was their way of saying “welcome home.”





This picture was taken by Karen Mossey. 

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           The Following Pictures Were Taken By Mike Sullivan Using His Reflective Photography Method

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