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Queen Anne Hotel - San Francisco Ca.


Investigation Report





April 10th - April 11th, 2008

The Queen Anne Hotel

San Francisco, California

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright Karen Mossey (All Rights Reserved)

As part of our San Francisco paranormal adventure; an overnight and investigation of Alcatraz Island Penitentiary and an investigation of the haunted military base The Presidio, we stayed at the haunted Queen Anne Hotel. If you could imagine what a haunted hotel might look like, your imagination would certainly be validated as you step through the doors into the parlor of the Queen Anne. Its ominous atmosphere is enhanced with its solid dark wood staircase dressed up with very detailed wood carvings, ornate wall coverings and draperies, deep burgundy and purple velvet and brocade furnishings, Victorian paintings encased in huge golden frames, bronze statues and heavy brass light fixtures whose shades are adorned with tassels and decorative jewels. You can almost sense the remnants of energy from era’s long since past. Its Victorian theme is completely intact as if you are, in fact, stepping into the 1800’s. The parlor has an aura of a comfortable gathering place and your hosts at the Queen Anne still carry out a tradition of serving afternoon sherry, tea and cookies, which I was  privileged to partake in.

The Queen Anne was built in 1889 as a boarding school. Known as “Ms. Mary Lake’s School for Young Ladies,” the school was built by the very wealthy and prominent Senator James Graham Fair who later also built the spectacular Fairmont Hotel. The senator acquired a great deal of wealth during the days of the Gold rRush. His position and prominence in the business world kept him away from his young daughters for considerable lengths of time so he built the school were he resided in San Francisco to be nearer to his daughters Theresa ( Tessie) and Virginia ( Birdie).

The school only lasted six years and closed for good in 1896. Some speculate it lacked finances to keep it open but there is also the story that the Senator and Ms. Mary were lovers and upon finding Mary with child the Senator abandoned her and she mysteriously disappeared, never to be found again. Or did she? It is said by those who have visited and work in the Queen Anne Hotel that Ms. Mary still roams the corridors of the hotel and enjoys staying in the comforts of what once was her room; room 410. Visitors who have stayed in this very special room have had their covers adjusted during the evening and have even found themselves tucked into their beds upon waking the next morning. Other paranormal investigators have recorded the sound of a piano playing and a woman signing as Mary so often enjoyed doing for her charming consort, Senator Graham. Hotel visitors ascending the staircase and walking through the extraordinarily decorated hallways often feel a cool breeze brush by them. Guests have sat in a chair known as “The Bishops Chair” and have felt as though gentle hands are resting upon their shoulders.

The third floor is also reported to be quite active. Misty apparitions of a woman have been seen floating down the halls. Some people have come back into their rooms only to find their suitcases already unpacked for them.

While staying in my room at the Queen Anne hotel I did sense a presence and heard several unexplained sounds during the night. There were raps on the walls and strange scratches coming from the bathroom. The room was always a bit warm but very cozy. I left my recorder running by the side of my bed the first night to record for EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) as I slept. Incidentally, I slept like a baby in this most comfortable bed and beautiful room. But, alas, no EVP were picked up that night. My research partner Mike did, however, pick up a few EVP's at the Queen Anne which can be heard in the EVP section of this page.  Mike seems not to need much sleep and stays up quite late. But on this occasion, while recording for EVP, Mike was told very politely to “Go (to) bed.”

The Queen Anne Hotel, additionally, hosts a very cool ghost tour which always excites and entertains the Hotels patrons and tourists. The tour host gives such wonderful insight into the history, legends and paranormal occurrences that happen at the Queen Anne Hotel.

Staying at the Queen Anne was the perfect place for paranormal adventurer like us and made our entire Ghostly Adventure in San Francisco totally complete! Should you be visiting the San Francisco area I highly recommend a stay at the Queen Anne hotel and while you are there please say hello to Ms Mary for us.



Room 407

This is the room where we recorded the evp's. This room is almost directly accross from room 410, the haunted Mary Lake Room.


Here's a few pictures of this wonderful old hotel. There appears to be an image of a woman behind the lamp in the picture on the right.






Dick - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. This spirit stated his name during a short session I did in my room.

Get Out - Recorded by Mike Sullivan during the same session.

Go Bed - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. I was sitting on the bed at the time.


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.