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The Presidio - San Francisco Ca.


Investigation Report





 History & Investigation - Presidio Officers Club 04-11-2008

Written by Karen Mossey

The Presidio has a very long history. It is the site of one of the only two existing cemeteries within the city limits of San Francisco. The San Francisco National Cemetery, also known as the Presidio cemetery, was established in 1884 and remains to this day. It is accompanied by the Presidio Pet cemetery where residents of the military base buried their deceased pets.

Originally established in 1776 by the DeAnza expedition, the Presidio and the mission Dolores Catholic Church were some of the first structures within the city limits. Presidio, which means “garrison” in Spanish was the first frontier bastion established as part of the Spanish colonization. Its role was to control the Native “Clone” Indian occupants and build communities of missions and pueblos and protect the land from any foreign occupation. Though the agriculture of the land was of little value and much reliant on imports, the settlement had a military advantage and was desired by many others. Two forts were constructed, Fort Point and Fort Mason, in 1794 and armed with bronze canons, several of which are the only remaining artifacts from the Spanish occupation. The Spanish period lasted from 1776 to 1822.

The US military years lasted from 1846 to 1994 and saw history from the Civil War through World War II. The Presidio became a National Historic Landmark in 1962 and closed in 1989. In 1994 it was entrusted to the National Park Service.

The US originally occupied the Presidio in 1846. Due to the California Gold rush, the Presidio became a military base to protect the area and bay. Fort Point was reinforced to protect from Indian attacks in California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington. The Fort proved strategically significant with the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 and the Indian Wars of the 1870’s and 1880’s. It became a major military installation in 1890 and the US Calvary was stationed there. In 1898 the US had a war with Spain and from 1899 to 1902 during the Philippine-American War, thousands of troops were stationed at the Presidio, including all four regiments of the African –America soldiers known as the “Buffalo Soldiers.” Presidio Army General Hospital, now known as Letterman Hospital was established to treat the sick and wounded. The Presidio took responsibility during the devastating San Francisco earthquake of 1906 to provide civilian assistance.

When World War I broke out in 1914 the Presidio expanded again to include Crissy Airfield where in 1924 the first transcontinental flight finished. In the 1940’s, when the second World War began the Presidio became a containment center for thousands of Japanese and Japanese Americans and a Military Intelligence Service Language School was established to train soldiers to read and speak the language. The hospital, at one time during World War II treated as many as 72,000 patients and more then a million soldiers were shipped out from Fort Mason to fight the war. In the 1950’s the Presidio housed the NIKE missile defense and was headquarters to the Sixth US Army until its closing in 1989.

I always like to give some background history of the places we investigate prior to the actual experience so that you can better understand why a place may be deemed “haunted.” With all the long history of the Presidio that I have detailed here for you, it is only reasonable to imagine all of the residual energy that must remain here.

Our investigation on Friday evening centered around one particular area in the Presidio; the Officers club. The Officers club has been one of the most paranormally active areas in the Presidio. Several people have spoken of misty and dark apparitions and the form of a woman in a white gown dancing in the ballroom. We had the entire area to ourselves from 8:00 PM until 3:00 AM the next morning. How very cool is this? Scattered throughout the Officers club are artifacts and memorabilia from past Wars. Old photo’s of soldiers, nurses and military areas hang about the walls. Two particularly active areas were said to be near the kitchen in a room off to the side and a large room immediately off of the foyer near the entrance. The room off of the foyer was said to have been the waking area where the bodies of soldiers killed in the line of duty were returned and lay in state for families viewing and final goodbyes. Reports of scents of flowers and tobacco have been sensed here. Our good friends Debby and Maria were dowsing in this room and Debby pulled out her recorder to capture EVP messages during the session. I too was recording at this time and on playback captured and EVP saying “Put that back…Debby. All of the EVP’s and evidence from our Presidio Investigation can be found on our website at www.ectoweb.com. Also recorded in this room was a female voice saying “It’s the Doc.” Perhaps the spirit of a doctor who had treated a soldier before his passing was paying his final respects. The Presidio holds the graves of some 31, 576 persons through 2007.

Mike picked up a very significant EVP in the Presidio. This EVP was a strong imprint of residual energy that had at some point in times long past been spoken by one soldier to another bearing the tragic news that “Jacks been killed.”

We all gathered in a small area off the kitchen which we were told was one of the Presidio’s paranormal hot spots. While we were in this area a large thud was heard against a metal duct which was inside a closed area with no other access but the opening I was standing in when I heard it.

Mike recorded several names in the ballroom, both male “Ed” and female “Vanessa.” As Mike and I were in the ballroom I felt a heavy pressure as though some unseen presence might be there with us. It felt as though it was above me. I aimed my camera up and took a shot. Later, when observing the pictures I had taken in this area at this exact moment in the Presidio, a large moving and opaque energy mass could be seen directly above where Mike and I were sitting.

Leo, Linda and I were in the kitchen area investigating and several knocks and noises were heard. I asked if there was anyone present with us here and an EVP answered back saying “I’m here…tell them this is Jacob!”

Probably one of the most incredible happenings of our Presidio investigation was the video captured by Linda Monfet while she and Leo were entering one of the rooms off of the ballroom. At one point you can hear Linda say “something black passed by the screen.” This can actually be seen in the video while Linda is experiencing it in real time. Then this dark mass once again crosses in front of the camera from the other side. All of a sudden, the apparition comes to a complete stop right in front of Leo and Linda and remains there for several seconds. Looking to be well over six feet tall, this figures head, shoulders and body can clearly be seen standing motionless in front of the camera and almost blocks out Leo and Linda and the entrance. As they continue to pan the camera an image that appears like a man wearing a hat quickly goes by and slips into the closet. This video was even more of a testimonial to the phenomenal paranormal activity we experienced investigating the Presidio.

The Presidio proved to be quite an extraordinary paranormal adventure to add to our haunted San Francisco investigations.




These two amazing photos were captured by Leo Monfet using infrared film in the same room where his wife Linda shot her incredible video of an apparition passing in front of them.



This photo was taken by Karen Mossey

Close Up

Here's a couple of  interior shots. The Officers Club at the Presidio is one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco







Put That Back Debby - Recorded by Karen Mossey. This was recorded  as our good friend, Debby
Constantino, brought out her recorder and was dowsing with a pendulum.


Ed - Recorded by Mike Sullivan after inviting anyone present to give their name.

It's The Doc - This EVP was captured by Karen in the waking room of the Presidio where the bodies of soldiers were brought for the family to
view prior to burial.

Jack's Been Killed - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

Vaness - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. This female voice is answering a request for names.  Possibily Vanessa?

I'm Here. Tell Them This Is Jacob - Recorded by Karen Mossey in the kitchen area after asking, "Is anyone here?"

Copyright 2009. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.