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A Private Home In Salem N.H.

Investigation Report






A Private Home in Salem N.H.

October 2008

Investigation: Karen Mossey, Mike Sullivan, Leo and Linda Monfet


Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright. All rights reserved


It was a crystal clear, but rather cold night in Salem, NH when we ventured out to explore a private home of some personal friends of Leo and Linda. The house was relatively new but the owners had continuous encounters of the paranormal kind. They had added an addition to the home and perhaps this triggered even more activity then first encountered. The age of a structure does not always matter. Sometimes if other structures or people existed on the land before the current owners and for some reason are drawn back to this site, they may not even know this current house exists. They are simply in the area where they are drawn or confined to. By drawn to, I mean that there is a particular reason they like to continually go back to visit a location. By confined or trapped, I am talking more of a haunting type situation in which the Ghost, for some reason, whether traumatic, emotional, materialistic or otherwise simply cannot pass into the next dimension or come and go as they chose. This can be sad for the Spirit but it can also be a case of free will which exists both for us here in the physical and for those who have died. It can also be a presence the current inhabitants of the home are quite aware of and feel comfortable living with or it can become a nuisance and might have to be dealt with.

The home was built upon a very solid granite ledge and there is an abundance of granite in the area as well. Theory has it that granite is very conducive to paranormal activity and there was a strong possibility that ley lines might also run through this house. Ley lines are alignments or paths of ancient sites or circles which were most often designated as holy or ritualistic places. It is believed where ley lines cross there is an increase in energy and often paranormal activity. Granite also carries its own magnetic field and research shows us that paranormal activity seems to be enhanced in the presence of strong electro magnetic fields. These factors all contribute to enhanced ghostly activity. The owners seriously believed a portal or vortex (an opening to the Spirit world, where ghosts can pass through into the physical world) ran through the center of their house.

Well even the dogs bore witness to many of the strange on goings in the home. Both Mom and daughter were quite sensitive and so much of the activity centered on them. The Mother believed several of the Spirits in the home were her relatives who had crossed. These were the visiting unseen guests. This was, indeed, a comforting presence. In one EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) I captured, the unusual nickname of her Father was very clearly heard. She was so amazed and pleased to have received such a wonderful confirmation from him through this recording. She told us, as did her daughter, they often sense him around them.

Then there were other ghosts that were not related to the family and, through the evidence we received, were not to completely thrilled that we were there looking to find out their identities. In one of Mike’s EVP, an entity clearly told us as we were finishing up the investigation “Don’t come back!” One thing you have to be if you are going to undertake ventures such as we do in these paranormal investigations; is to be very sure of yourself, steady, strong and well grounded. We realize that these EVP are the energies and emotions of people’s personalities just as they were when they were living. Through our evidence and research, we have come to theorize that the personality remains unchanged after we pass over in death. So if you were a not so nice person here in the physical life, you will be the same personality in the ethereal life. Consequently we deal with all types of personalities in Ghost Investigations just as we do as we go through our life here and now. There is not much that is different except that, in most cases, you can’t physically see who you are talking with.

One of the active Ghosts in the home was that of a little girl. The home owner believed that this was the Spirit of a little girl who was looking for her own Mother and stayed close to the owner because of this desire. Both the husband and wife in the home had, on one occasion, been sitting at the dining room table and clearly heard with their own ears a little girl say “Mommy.” Hearing an entities voice with the naked ear implies that the recipient has the gift of clairaudience, which is the ability to hear Ghost voices with your own human hearing. I am a bit empathic and so I was saddened by the thought of this little one desperately seeking her maternal parent.

Probably one of the most phenomenal and unexplainable things that happened that night occurred upon entering the daughters bedroom. Right as she and I went into the room a book flew off the shelf and onto the floor. We both witnessed this. She had told me that she often felt that she was being watched in her room. As Leo, Linda and Mike came in I asked whoever had caused this to happen to please do it again, but to no avail. It apparently was for only the daughter and me to see.

The home owner told us of seeing strange things in almost every room in the house. In the master bedroom she would say faces appeared in the windows and so she replaced her sheer curtains with heavier solid drapes that you could not see out of. This gave her a more secure feeling and eliminated the sense of being watched. She told of one time where she clearly saw an apparition of a civil war soldier standing in the hall in front of the doorway looking into the master bedroom. She said he looked quite young and had dark hair. She could see him so clearly that she could even detect that he appeared quite tired and haggard.

Some of the history of the area where the home is located goes back hundreds if not even thousands of years during the time when ancient American Indian traditions and cultures existed. The land, we were told, is ancient and archaeological sites have been discovered near the home.

There is also another theory that was recently brought to my attention regarding Ghostly interaction. These souls we are dealing with were once people just like we are now but upon death they do not take any of their physical body parts with them. So theory has it that telepathy or psi energy is a main source of their communication with us. This being said, when we go into an investigation looking to experience something ghostly, maybe even scary, are they simply entertaining our desires? Who knows? That is why the field of paranormal investigations is shrouded in mystery.

However, the family never felt anything dreadful and really was only looking for us to corroborate what they were experiencing. This was validated with the evidence we collected during this investigation. As the night ended, the owners extended us an invitation to return and that is our intention. Until next time, thank you for sharing the experience with us.



I Took The Baby

Recorded by Mike Sullivan.



Recorded by Mike Sullivan. Karen asks: Can you say that again?



Recorded by Karen Mossey.



I Like It

Recorded by Mike Sullivan. This was captured just before Mike commented on how nice the house is.


Good Night

Recorded by Karen Mossey. In respone to Karen saying "good night".



Recorded by Mike Sullivan. Mike had asked if anyone would like to give their name.





This photo was taken by Mike Sullivan.

Close Up

Another picture taken by Mike Sullivan using his Reflective Photography method. A mans face appears in the lower left corner of the bottle.


Close Up

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