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Last Saturday we visited the Fireside Tavern in Hopkinton, NH for an investigation.

The Fireside Tavern Investigation
 Saturday, March 10th 2007
 Written by Karen Mossey
Conditions: 48 degrees
                    Morning Dry/Slight rain outside afternoon
                    Daylight/Inside Investigation, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Floors 

    We were invited to do an investigation at the Fireside Tavern in Hopkinton, NH this past Saturday. The owners, who also live in the tavern, have experienced many strange and unusual occurrences in the Tavern and were anxious to see what evidence we might come up with that could corroborate all of what they, staff and patrons have been experiencing. 

   The Fireside has been frequented by many psychics and almost always the presence of resident Ghost “Frank” is picked up on. “Frank” is the subject of “A Ghostly Tale,” which can be found at the Fireside website, www.FiresideTavern.com . Briefly, Frank was distraught over his wife having left him and his failing health and shot himself in the Tavern. Audra, felt that the private suite on the second floor was the place where Frank had committed suicide. She could not enter the room and felt nauseous even standing near it. Later that evening a waitress told us that this room was the only room where she had ever dropped anything and that she could not work in that room without an occurrence. She said that she felt this was the room where Frank had “done the deed”, validating Audra’s same impression. She further related how all the chairs in the private room are all neatly tucked under the table at close of business and in the morning there is always one chair that is turned toward the window as if someone was sitting there looking out. 

   Audra dowsed with her pendulum on the third floor and picked up on the spirits of two children, their Father and, of course, Frank. She mentioned to the children to the owner and was told that several psychics had also picked up the two children who they had thought to be brother and sister and believed their names were Piper and Squire. It was good validation for Audra’s dowsing. 

   Several strong EVP’s from Frank were captured on the third floor which was consistently active throughout the investigation. Frank’s energy seemed very strong and I almost got the sense that Franks was often frustrated with not getting the attention he was seeking. One EVP I picked up here was “Get Out! “ “Can’t you hear me!!?” 

   Several energy forms or “Orbs” appeared in the photographs we took. Most often they were single Orbs that appeared in one photo and gone in the next that was taken immediately after. A mist appeared on the staircase where Ronnie, Tim and Wally detected an extreme cold spot with multiple EMF readings, centrally located on the stairs, which dissipated when one ascended the staircase to the third floor. Our friend Jaye sensed a presence in front of a painting on the third floor and we snapped a picture at the very moment she spoke. In the photo Jaye’s eyes are looking right at an energy ball in the exact spot where she picked up on the spirit. 

   Several other oddities occurred during our investigation at the Fireside. At one point the motion sensor in the back room by the bar, located on the first floor, went off while no one was present. At least no one that we could see. We will definitely be headed back to the Fireside in the future. It was a superb Investigation and we are hoping to present the evidence that we collected there at perhaps a dining with the Ghosts event. The food, company and atmosphere at the Fireside Tavern can’t be beat and your hosts Nancy and Terri are the best! Treat yourself to a dining experience at the Fireside and be sure to say hello to its famous resident Spirit “Frank.” You’ll be glad you did.

PS: There is a wonderful little convenient store just up the street from the Tavern that sells a fine Merlot imported from Transylvania called “Vampire.” A sure favorite for the “Nocturnal Elite.”


Fireside Tavern: Re-Investigation One
August 15th 2007, 7:00 PM
Written by Karen Mossey

 We swung back into action at the Fireside Tavern in Hopkinton, NH for another investigation there Wednesday, August 15th.  We were joined by The Concord Monitor news reporters, Comcast Producer and Emmy Nominee Mark Apostolon, Author and Host of New England Curiosities, Roxie Zwicker and her husband Ken, the Firesides owners, Nancy and Terry and good friends and patrons Jaye and Bill Bowe.

 Exciting phenomena began almost at once.  I guess, resident ghost “Frank”, liked the publicity.  He came through, emphatically, stating his name “Frank” on Karen’s recorder.  Tim and Ronnie followed sporadic Spikes in their EMF readings near a table on the third floor where antique toys were neatly placed. Audra as well as other psychics that have visited the Fireside have sensed the spirits of two young children.  Perhaps they were playing Hide and Seek with us near the toys. Mike recorded an EVP here which sounds like “We’re behind you.” Later that evening, as Karen sat in an upstairs chair, she felt as though someone was touching and pulling her arm.  Roxie quickly snapped a picture where a pronounced energy ball was seen near Karen’s arm. Wally captured what appeared to be Ectoplasm in the window and on a closer look seemed to resemble a face.

 We finished the evening with a séance and a final thank you to all of those present both seen and unseen.

 Hope to see you all at the upcoming lecture where we will present all of our findings.


Fireside Tavern: Re-Investigation Two
Febuary 7th 2008
Written by Karen Mossey

 We were able to do a re-investigation of the Fireside Tavern on February 7, 2008. Joining me on this Investigation were my good friends Jaye and Bill Bowe and Leo Monfet. Jaye has a great gift of psychic intuitiveness and seems to be a magnet for drawing in Spirit energy. Jaye and Bill were able to capture some phenomenal EVP. Leo does amazing work with paranormal images in infrared photography. I was also able to capture some very clear EVP during this Investigation. We are looking forward to presenting this new and amazing evidence, along with other evidence captured at the Fireside from past investigations at our upcoming Luncheon/Lecture on March 16th, Sunday at 1:00. The Spirits at the Fireside Tavern always seem to accommodate us with amazing paranormal findings.



This photo was taken by Roxie Zwicker at a time when Karen felt she was being touched.

Close Up

This photo was taken by Mike Sullivan on the third floor of the Fireside Tavern using his Reflective Photography method.





Recorded by Karen Mossey at The Fireside Tavern on the third floor during our Investigation. It seems to be saying a name that sounds like Ivan McBenjie.

This was also recorded by Karen on the third floor. After Karen asks if anyone is here, you can here a voice say "Karen is here".

Recorded by Karen, Frank states his name.

I Found Her - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

You Are Evil - This was recorded by our good friend, Jaye Bowe.

I Was Always The Weakest  - This was also recorded by Jaye.

Allison - Another one from our good friend Jaye.

It's Barbie - Recorded by Karen  Mossey, this evp was taken from the segment below.

Sure - Recorded by Karen  Mossey, this evp was taken from the segment below.

Recorded by Karen  Mossey, this segment includes two evps, "It's Barbie" and a very clear Class A evp that says "Sure". Our friend Jay Bowe asks "Can we put the lights on". The first evp heard is "It's Barbie". This is the voice of  Karen's sister who is very much alive and was not present at the investigation that day. Receiving an evp from a living person who is not physically present is very rare but has been known to occur. The second evp "Sure" comes after "It's Barbie" is heard. The first "Sure" is spoken by Karen. The second "Sure" is the evp.


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.