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A Private Home In Derry N.H.


Investigation Report 






A Haunting in Derry New Hampshire: Private Residence

February 13th 2010 7:30 PM

Investigators: Leo Monfet, Rocky Morrison, Karen Mossey and Michael Sullivan

Copyright Karen Mossey All rights reserved


It was said that a young child of about four years old was abducted from her bed in her nightclothes and bare feet by her Uncle during the late 1800’s. Her Uncle, a mentally disturbed man, smothered the small child. Upon realizing what he had done, he panicked and ran, holding her lifeless body in his arms. In his confession he told of how he buried her body beneath a tree somewhere in the woods. When cross-examined he had slipped even more into insanity and could not remember where the location of her body was. Her parents were also held negligent for not reporting her missing for more then two days. Although a search was conducted, the poor little girls’ remains were never found. So she roams as a ghostly apparition looking for resolution, perhaps not even realizing she is dead. This is the story that brings us to this haunted investigation.

Three generations of psychics live in this Derry home the Grandmother, Mother and daughter. All have experienced phenomena in the home. The other children living in the home have also had experiences although not to the degree as the Mother and daughter. The young daughter has been seeing and hearing the apparition of a small child wearing a white nightgown and having bare feet since she herself was a little girl. She told us the ghost often hums and whispers in her ear. The family has lived in the home for 18 years and has experienced phenomena on and off through out the years. Instances of decorations flying off the shelves in the kitchen and smashing on the floor and a family picture, firmly fastened to the wall above the fireplace, that simply comes off the wall and lands several feet across the room on the living room floor with no glass breakage but the frame completely disassembled. It is as if it had been lifted off of the wall and placed upon the floor by unseen hands. This has happened not just once but on many occasions and always in the same fashion. The family cats seem to stare at emptiness that human eyes cannot see and the sounds of whispers emanate from nowhere. There is no sense among the owners of unhappiness or anything negative and they have come to live with the occurrences as a regular thing but they sought information from us through whatever evidence we might gather that would, perhaps, help them find out who the spirits there were. Is the little girl the spirit of the child who was murdered? She appeared to the daughter exactly as she was described in the story about the murder: in a white nightdress with no shoes on her feet.

The Mother told us that one day when she was at home and upstairs she heard the sounds of heavy footsteps coming up the basement stairs when there was no one home. She said she was so frightened and thought someone had broken into the house. The sound soon dissipated and when she went through the house there was no sign of anyone having come in or having been in the home. Everything was as it was and completely undisturbed. Who then was this entity? Certainly the tiny steps of a four-year-old Spirit could not have caused such loud thumping. The owners felt the presences of several spirits in their home. Interestingly we later captured an EVP, after Rocky had asked “ How many spirits are in this house,” that said “ Seven?”

The younger son whose bedroom was on the second floor had once called his Mother because he could not sleep. He told her there were people looking at him, walking around the room and laughing and dancing. The Mother saw no one at that moment but on many other occasions had heard the exact same voices and sounds. On one occasion, as she entered the living room, she saw a woman sitting in the chair and singing to a little baby she held in her arms. She then vanished in the blink of an eye.

Rocky and I went up to the upstairs bedroom where the boys slept, sat down upon the beds and recorded for messages. Other then Leo, who was standing in the doorway to the room taking infrared photographs, there was no one else present in the room there with us. At this time, while I was sitting down on the bed, I asked the question, “ Can you please show yourself for us in a picture?” Upon review of Leo’s pictures and to our amazement the image of a young woman, obscured partially by a white cloud of misty energy, appeared standing near the table against the wall behind Rocky and I. No one in the house recognized her as being anyone they knew or had ever seen. We were the only people in there and furthermore there was nowhere she could have been standing behind us. The beds were against the wall and in-between them was the table. Rocky and I sat on the ends of each bed. Who then was this entity that came through for us in such an amazingly clear manifestation in Leo’s photograph? This was one of the clearest images I have yet seen. We were all in somewhat of a state of shock and no matter how hard we tried to explain it away we could not. She was there. It should be further noted that there was an instant drop in temperature as when we entered that room. It is documented that entities seem to pull from the heat energy in the environment to manifest.

While recording in the downstairs bedroom, Rocky, Leo and I all heard two very pronounced knocks coming from outside of the window. The owner had previously told us they all sensed a presence in the backyard. Circumstances due to the weather made it too icy and because it was pitch black outside it was not a good idea for us to go out and investigate the source of the knocks and highly improbable anyway that someone would have been out there in those conditions and in the dark. Yet all of us heard the sound clearly coming from the outside of the window as it happened. Later the same sound was verified in the video and EVP recordings that were running at the time of the occurrence. Rocky also captured a large mist of energy behind Leo as we were in the lower level bedroom and several streaks of what looks like ectoplasm energy appears in many of the infrared photographs taken there. The K2 meter responded by lighting up on several occasions while in the daughters bedroom in the basement. While asking questions the meter lit up all the lights as if indicating a high EMF which is often prevalent when Spirit energy is near. We all believed it might have been the little girls presence. It happened only a few times and then stopped as if whatever energy was there had left.

We were able to pick up some very relevant EVP messages during the investigation. In one of my recordings a male voice is heard in what sounds like “ Little girls missing.” In two other recordings we hear what sounds like a child’s voice crying out but the gist of the message is hard to decipher. One significant and interactive EVP capture followed Rocky asking, “ Are you buried in the backyard,” and an eerie and disembodied voice answers, “ I don’t knooooooow?”

We heard from the same little voice once again in an EVP when asked if they liked the children that lived in the house. The reply sounds like “ I do.”

One rather humorous EVP was captured after I had made repeated inquires of the Spirits in the home. I assume they had had enough of my questioning and replied in an EVP, “ that’s all you get!”

It is also a common practice of ours to introduce ourselves on investigations. It is part of the respectability we show to Spirit when conducting a case. Leo, Rocky and I were first to arrive and so we introduced ourselves on the recorder. Mike arrived a short time later and when he began his EVP recordings he was immediately greeted, without ever stating his name, with an EVP saying “Michael Sullivan and then another later saying “ Michael and Mike.” Theory has it that telepathic ability exists in the Spirit world so they must have known through thought transfer who Mike was immediately when he arrived.

With all the evidence we have compiled from this investigation we were invited back to review it with the homeowners and family. We feel as though this is a very safe home and the karma is very gentle and inviting. The entities there are of a positive nature and nothing threatening exists in this beautiful home. The families had lived with these phenomena for many years and accepted this. They merely sought validation, if possible, for whom these spirits were. We believe our evidence can help provide some of the answers, but much will still remain a mystery that those who roam there will likely keep to themselves. We look forward to returning to share our findings. This was truly a very interesting investigation and several positive spirits most likely haunt this house, in our opinion. We are very grateful for having been given the opportunity to investigate this home and share what we found with the family that live there.

I only hope that somehow the death of this little girl can be resolved and that at some space and time she can find her way to the Other side to be rejoined with her family and the ones who so love her.







These interesting photos were taken by Leo Monfet with his night shot camera.


Yeah - Recorded by Leo Monfet.     Leo asks, "Do you know who I am?"

No Flowers - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.    Leo asks "Can you show us yourself in the window?"

Seven - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Rocky asks "How many spirits in the house?"

I Don't Know - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Rocky asks "Are you buried in the back yard?"

Help Me - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

No Carport - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  

Held Back - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Karen asks "Are you being held back from moving on?"

Little Girl Missing - Recorded by Karen Mossey.  

Thank The Spirits - Recorded by Karen Mossey.  

Pick A Country - Recorded by Karen Mossey.  


Copyright 2010. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.