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The Halligan Tavern  - Derry N.H.


Investigation Report 






The Halligan Tavern - Derry New Hampshire

April 6th 2011- 7:30 PM


Karen Mossey and Guest, Leo Monfet, Mike Sullivan, Rocky Morrison, April Sheerin and Guest

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved

The Halligan Tavern was once the fire station for the town of Derry, NH. The original firehouse was built in 1883 and served the town for well over 100 years. The first full time Fire chief was a man named Frank Hurd. History tells us that in the early years of the Derry fire department the fire engines were horse drawn and the water was carried by the firemen in buckets and placed in the tanks to fight the fires. It is interesting that during our investigation April said she could see back to the days before the Firehouse was built when the fireman were referred to as the “Bucket brigade.”

Before it was The Halligan Tavern it was a restaurant called the Fire Hall Pub and Grill. It seems that even when the first restaurant moved in, the paranormal activity began to be recognized and it continues now in its new venue, The Halligan Tavern. The wait staff have reported strange things happening such as chairs and objects moving, lights turning on and off and the water in the upstairs bar running when no one had been there. One waitress turned the water off, only to come back a short while later and find it on once again. They have heard footsteps on the second floor when no one was up there and some of the staff has heard whispering in the upstairs bathroom with no one inside. April, believes the spirits that reside there are not in full approval of the old firehouse as a restaurant.

Several paranormal groups have investigated the pub and so we were honored to have the privilege of being invited to investigate it as well and have our name added to that list of groups with the hope of capturing some substantiating evidence.

Legend has it that the first fire chief of the station , Frank Hurd, hung himself in the firehouse. Two theories as to why he may have done this are told. One is that he could not save two children that perished in a fire and this haunted him everyday. I could not find a historical record of two children dying in a fire during this time period but I did find a record of two people that died in a residence fire in Derry in the 1960's. But this was way after Franks time. The other reason he may have committed suicide, as the legend goes, is that he was so dedicated and devoted to his job that he worked incredibly long hours which kept him from his family, the result of which caused too much stress on his wife and resulted in a broken marriage. I could find no record of Frank committing suicide but our EVP evidence suggests that Franks spirit is still diligently working and carrying out his duties as the Fire chief at the station as Mike captured a clear EVP of a male voice stating his name as “Frank!” But when we asked if Frank committed suicide I also captured an EVP saying “Nothings Proven.” So the mystery of Franks demise must still remain a legend.

April sensed a great deal of party’s and special events that had been held in the Firehouse. She saw visions of many men in uniform; not just the fireman but also soldiers going off to war. She saw happy times and much laughter there. There was also some sadness and anger that she picked up on and in one EVP captured a voice came through and stated “ You’re so angry!”

As I ventured into the bell tower I asked if anyone had died there and an EVP was recorded saying “ We don't know. “ Perhaps there are layers of spirits from different time periods that still roam or pass through the old firehouse and they too are unsure of its history.

With its long history and years of service, along with many generations of fireman there are sure to many remnants of emotions, hard work and trying times that these dedicated community servicemen went through as they defended the town of Derry against destructive fires. These long term memories and this residual energy left behind from all these men, women and events could surely be a contributing factor to possible paranormal activity at Halligans. Many of the current fireman in the community have their own stories to tell of the Old Derry Firehouse. It was an interesting adventure for our team.

Meanwhile, for a great selection of draft beers ( an outstanding feature at The Halligan Tavern), awesome food and lively Irish music in the bar that permeates the Tavern along with an overall friendly and appealing atmosphere, be sure to stop by The Halligan Tavern on Broadway street in Derry, NH.

Perhaps Frank or some of the resident spirits will stop by and join you. Be sure to say thank you to him for his dedicated service to the community.







                                                     Pictures From The Investigation


I Don't Know - Recorded by Karen Mossey.     Karen asks, "Did you take your life in here?"

Big Circle - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.    Recordered as everyone sat around the table holdings hands as April communicated with a spirit.

Eleven - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Karen asks "How many spirits are here?"

Angry - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  April asks if the spirit was angry. There was no reply. I then went to another room and recordered this.

God Damn Mother F%cker - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

I'm Gregory - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  April asks "Who is he, who are you".

Nothings Proven - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Karen asks "We're you unable to save someone?"

Live Here On Your Dice And You'll Be Dead - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  

Can We Show Them - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   Karen asks "Anything we can do that will show us you're here with us now.



Copyright 2011. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.