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The Country Tavern Restaurant - Nashua N.H.


Investigation Report 



Lowell Sun Videocast




The Country Tavern Investigation

Tuesday 10-14-2008 8:00 PM

Participants: Karen Mossey, Michael Sullivan, Leo and Linda Monfet, Psychic-Medium, April Sheerin and a Reporter and Videographer from the Lowell Sun Newspaper

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright (All Rights Reserved)

Mike, Leo, Linda and I were extended an awesome invitation to investigate the Country Tavern in Nashua New Hampshire on Tuesday evening , October 14th, and were fortunate to be accompanied by renowned Psychic-Medium, April Sheerin and the staff from the Lowell Sun Newspaper. This amazing tavern, now a wonderful restaurant and pub, is shrouded in history and legend, all of which I had heard many times over the years. But being afforded the opportunity to do an actual investigation there was truly exciting to me.

Probably the most well known fact in the history of the tavern is the well spoken of story of the tragic death of Elizabeth Ford and her new born son. Legend has it that she was the beautiful young wife of a sea captain. She was 22 years old at the time of her unfortunate demise. Her husband had gone away to sea and upon his return had found that Elizabeth had given birth to a baby boy. Having done the math, her husband knew that this could not have been his child. It is said that, in a fit of rage he murdered both Elizabeth and her infant son and buried the child near a large tree by the well. As the legend tells us, he also murdered Elizabeth and threw her body into the well near the large tree. We would later have this and more details of this young woman and her child’s demise validated through the psychic impressions picked up by our special guest Medium, April Sheerin who was accompanying us throughout this investigation.

The Country Tavern was built in the 1700’s and was originally the home of Elizabeth Ford and her Sea Captain husband. But Elizabeth is not the only one who’s Spirit wanders the Country Tavern. The Tavern has a very long history and many people who lived in this rustic old structure and still many more that passed through her doors on different occasions can still be felt here. So the remnants of a great deal of human energy both happy and sad are still there.

April told us that one part of the building was originally a barn and she said that in the late 1800’s a man met his death in this barn when he was hung from the rafters for the simple crime of stealing some chickens. She told us that at one time there was a small church located right next to the tavern’s barn and there were many religious overtones that still permeated through the walls of the Tavern. She also sensed many happy occasions and functions and Spirits that visited the Tavern quite often but were not bound here. They came and went because the tavern was a place of many happy times remembered. One Gentleman’s Spirit introduced himself to April as a charming young man and made it a point to say he was not pompous but sophisticated and he brought along his lady friend. April said they both appeared in period dress and seemed so very happy. She also sensed an older man smoking a pipe and a woman who April said had passed away from lung cancer as she felt difficulty breathing and tightness in her chest. Spirits telepathically tell Mediums the conditions of their passing by creating sensations in the Mediums physical body indicative of their particular illness.

Some of the rooms that are now dining areas April sensed as having been used as bedrooms when past residents lived there. She also pointed to a room upstairs that she indicated had been Ms. Elizabeth’s nursery for her infant son.

We started on the second floor. The dining area here had a set of stairs leading up to one entrance and another set leading down to the first floor hallway. One staircase felt so much colder to me then the other and I had the eerie feeling of a presence going up and down the steps. As the videographer was conducting several interviews with members of the investigation team, all of a sudden the motion detector went off. No one had even been close or any where near where this piece of equipment was and in order for this to have gone off someone would have had to have touched or moved it. Perhaps it was the presence I had sensed previously walking up and down the rear staircase. He may have thought an interview was in order for him as well. This was certainly very strange. We were all pretty surprised when this happened including the reporters. Luckily we were able to catch the whole thing on video.

After leaving the upstairs, April led us to subsequent rooms throughout the tavern where she shared with us her many psychic impressions and the Spirit personalities she encountered. She felt a lot of pressure in the kitchen and said this was an opening to a portal where Spirits could pass through and come and go at will. She described it as though they would visit this place where they once had spent happy times while they were living out their physical lives here.
Wait staff have experienced dishes and glasses moving, doors opening and closing and lights that had been shut off, turning themselves back on. Chairs that had been neatly tucked under the tables at closing time, were moved and facing in another direction in the morning when the staff came back in to open the restaurant.
The owner told us of champagne glasses that he clearly heard fall to the floor and the sound of them shattering; only to go to the source and find them standing up perfectly straight and unbroken on the hard wood floor.

April took us into the restroom where she made a direct encounter with the Spirit of Ms. Elizabeth. Other patrons had spoken of the feeling of not being alone in this bathroom. She said this room was not a bathroom during Elizabeth’s life in the home. She felt an overwhelming sense of sadness and extreme grief in here. She said the pressure was so heavy from Elizabeth’s grief and longing for her murdered child. Elizabeth, April felt, was lost and desperate to reconnect with her infant son. April channeled her guides and angels to help create the energy needed in an attempt to reunite Mother and child. She was hoping if Elizabeth could find and join together, once again, with her infant son, it would help them both to cross over into the light and eternal life. April then asked the owner if there was a root cellar in the Tavern. It is here in this root cellar, she told us, that Elizabeth was locked away by her husband for several days while he killed and buried her infant son beneath the large tree next to the well. April felt severe pressure in her chest and as if she was gasping for air and could barely breathe.

The restaurant owner confirmed the existence of this root cellar and brought us to the location. In this dark dismal place, April felt Elizabeth had been locked away for several days. When she was released she was confronted by her wicked husband with the horrific news that he had killed her infant son. Overwhelmed with grief and anger she screamed and fought to no avail. She too was murdered by this evil mad man and then dumped into the well next to where he had buried the child. The tree and the well still exist today, although the well has been filled in to prevent anyone from falling in. April said Elizabeth felt as though she would be forever locked and even buried alive in this dungeon. Old steps led up to where the entrance had been boarded up to prevent her from accessing the home. They still can be seen in the root cellar today. April asked us to record for EVP and to ask if anyone had been buried here. At this moment, Mike picked up a bone chilling EVP where you will hear a desperate gasp for air and also recorded the word “Suffocate.”

Additionally, I captured what appeared to be a moving energy in the bar area that April had told us was a barn where a man had been hung for stealing.
The well has since been filled and the barn no longer exists but was reconstructed into the taverns Pub. The energy, however, of those who lived and some of whom tragically died there still remains in the Country Tavern. Strange paranormal occurrences still happen at the tavern, much of which, the wait staff are more then happy to share with us. One waitress felt as though she was being followed and even touched by some thing unseen. She told us that she sensed the evil and angry sea captain still there and even caught a glimpse of his shadow out of the corner of her eye. She said it makes the hair on her arms stand up, gives her goose bumps and makes her have an eerie feeling whenever she walks about on the second floor. As for the innocent child and his Mother Ms. Elizabeth they seem to remain there too desperately searching for one another in attempts to reunite and share once again the loving bond of Mother and child.
The link to the write up done by the Lowell Sun reporter Kathleen Pierce is on our home page website under Country tavern.
The Country Tavern is a charming part of New Hampshire history whose legend for being haunted by the most famous ghost of Ms Elizabeth will live on through the years. Located in Nashua, New Hampshire its old time appearance remains much unaltered through all these years. Stop by for some excellent food and drink and perhaps you will be lucky enough to make the acquaintance of a ghost or two or even the beautiful and kind Spirit of Ms. Elizabeth, You can visit the Country Tavern at www.countrytavern.org or, better yet, go there in person and experience the atmosphere and interesting haunted Tavern for yourself.


The Lowell Sun article was published in the October 31st, 2008 edition.  Click here to read it.





This picture was taken by Karen Mossey.

Close Up


Taken by Karen Mossey, this staircase is located in the root cellar. It is believed Elizabeth was locked down here by her husband while he killed her baby.

Taken by Karen Mossey, this is the well. It's located by a large tree. It is believed  Elizebeth and her baby were buried in this area by her husband.



Eerie Response - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. Our Medium, April senses that someone is buried in the root cellar. Karen asks and we received this eerie response.

Adam - Recorded by Mike Sullivan in response to Karen asking if anyone wanted to tell us their name.

Help Me - Recorded by Mike Sullivan

Suffocate - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

Yes - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

We'll Miss You - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

Hi There - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Do Not Hide Here - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

I'm Home - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

Whose Next - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

Well Thank You - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.   Mike received this response after making the comment "beautiful place folks".

We Are Dead - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

I'm Dying In Here - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.