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Cafe & Gift Shop - Salem N.H.

Investigation Report 








A Gift Shop, Café and Private Residence in Salem New Hampshire

Thursday 01-14,2010

Investigators: Mike Sullivan, Karen Mossey, and Leo Monfet

Psychic/Medium: April Sheerin

Written by Karen Mossey: Copyright. All rights reserved


The team set out on a cold January night to investigate an older building in Salem, NH which had been beautifully renovated into a candy and gift shop on the first floor; a wonderful café on the second floor and a private apartment on the third floor; all of which were experiencing occasional paranormal phenomena. The owner of the business had experienced shadows, sounds and the feeling of being watched in both the shop and the café. The tenants had numerous sightings of a woman in an apron dressed as if in the early nineteen hundreds and a small child. They even had pictures that they shared with us, clearly showing a woman in an apron near their refrigerator and an image of the face of a little child. The activity was such that it was becoming disruptive. Their small son spoke of seeing a little girl who wanted to play with his toys. The parents complained of losing sleep because the sounds of pots and pans and cooking in their kitchen would be heard throughout the night. It became so bothersome they thought of moving. Every night they would latch the door leading to their apartment and lock it and each morning they would find the door completely unlocked and open. They would see blue mist like forms pass by them and shadows move between rooms. Their small sons toys would be found turned on when no one was in the room. Even while in the bathroom, they would feel as though some presence was in there with them. Mike and I decided to leave several recorders in the bathroom to see if we could pick up any EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena): which are messages resembling disembodied voices that are inaudible to the human ear at the time they are recorded but heard upon the recorder on playback.

April immediately picked up on the presence of several entities as she entered the building. One predominant spirit she sensed was that of a heavyset man who manifested both on the first and second floor of the building. She told us of how he had come to the house during his lifetime when the home was a family residence in the 1900’s and there was some unfinished business that he had wanted to set the record straight on. He was seeking to proclaim his innocence from a matter that he had wrongfully been accused of being involved in. April felt as though he had never remedied this and his tormented soul could not rest. April stressed to the owner and the tenants that neither this man nor any of the spirits in the building were negative nor were they permanently trapped there. Some, such as this man, were simply seeking resolution and others, like the lady in the apron were just going about doing the things they loved and were so attached to during their own physical life. In times long past, one of a woman’s main jobs was cooking in the kitchen. Little children would laugh and play with toys like the small child spirit here would do. This type of paranormal activity is what we refer to as residual imprints of past energy that often play out, as it would have when these folks were actually physically here. April had also quickly picked up on the little child. She sensed she was a little girl with pigtails that liked the little boy and liked to play with the toys. We set up a ball as a prop to see if it would move. We then left and went downstairs. But when we came back we found it in the same position that we had left it in. Interestingly the tenant’s son was not home at the time. Perhaps the child had no desire to play with us but chose to only interact with the tenant’s son.

April told us that she felt that at one time the third floor had been the attic of the home and that the little girl had a bed there. A ladder led to the attic and one day the little child fell off the ladder and suffered an injury, which she later succumbed to. She said that this area was where the tenant’s son bedroom is now. April went on to tell us how the house was originally a single family home and the owners had several sons, some of whom went off to war. I asked her if any of the son’s had died in the war and she turned to me and said “ one did.” This was later validated when the shops owner produced a historical record from the original owners stating that they had four sons, one of which was killed in the war.

We asked the owner if she knew of any deaths that had occurred in the house during its long history. She did not know. She told us that at one time she knew there had been a room they referred to as a “sick room “ which was located on the first floor. This led us to believe that there was a good possibility that a death may have occurred in the home. Even without an actual death having ever happened in the home, the strong energy and emotion of suffering and pain that would have been prevalent in a sick room might leave imprints of energy within a structure that can play out on occasion.

So that the family could once again gain peace and tranquility and resume normalcy and uninterrupted sleep in their home, April and I asked the spirits visiting there to release their ties to the home and shop and leave the family to their peace. We told the tenants there was nothing to fear from these entities and they can ask them to leave if they chose. More often then not, this does work. Many times spirits are simply confused and need direction in order to move on. In one EVP recording, I requested that they release and move on. A soft questioning EVP response replied, “Release?”

It is our hope that this investigation may have helped put an end to the disruption the paranormal activity was causing to the family. We plan to follow-up with the owner and tenants to see if things are settled and once again peaceful in the building. April believed with a little coaxing the entities present would be able to move on. If necessary we will return for further evaluation and investigation.

Spirits can be anywhere and sometimes they just pass in and out. Sometimes events from the past, as in residual imprints, will play out now and then. It is important though for those of us now living out our physical existence to be able to be in control and live without disruption and fear. So, though we investigate to further our understanding and research in the paranormal, we always seek the presence of a psychic medium with us to help with drawing those in spirit near and perhaps assist with their transition beyond our physical dimension. This is always the best scenario, if and when it works.






These interesting images (above and right) were extradcted from a picture that was taken by the owner of the business.

Notice the image reflected off the side of the counter in the photo above.


           There appears to be the head and shoulders of a young boy in period dress in the image above.

This picture was taken by Mike Sullivan using his Reflective Photography method.

The right side of the mirror shows nothing but the left side captured an image of a place that definitely was not a part of our surroundings that night.

Leo and Karen comparing EMF readings in preparation for the start of the investigation.

Psychic / Medium April Sheerin during the investigation.


Prove He Did That - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   

Release Us - Recorded by Karen Mossey.  

Just For The Today  - Recorded by the owner of the business.  She says "Well come over here to communicate with me". The response is amazingly clear.

Andrew - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  

Release - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Try Out The Pictures - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  

Their Fathers - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.  

Copyright 2010. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.