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Buccos Tavern / Trattoria Al Bucco - Kingston N.H.

Investigation Report 






Buccos Tavern / Trattoria Al Bucco - Kingston N.H.

April, 2012

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved

Attendees: April Sheerin, Leo and Linda Monfet, Mike Sullivan, Karen Mossey, Rocky Morrison and Regina Adler

Buccos Tavern / Trattoria Al Buccoand restaurant once known as Ricks Cafe in Kingston New Hampshire has always had a legend of being haunted. There have been several name changes over the years but this does not seem to be a problem for the spirits that haunt there. It's the history of this old building and the very long history of Kingston itself that lay reason to why it would naturally be haunted. We have done several investigations here in the past. Evidence of a haunting was always prevalent. This recent investigation yielded great paranormal evidence including physical contact and paranormal audio and video captures.

The building was built in the 1700's during the time of the Revolutionary War and America's struggle for independence. Kingston is one of the oldest and most historic towns in New Hampshire and the site of another well known haunted and historic building The Kingston 1686 House. This was the home of Josiah Bartlett who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He and his wife Mary and their twelve children lived here. It was a time of many struggles both from disease, Indian attacks, hard work and the ensuing war for independence from Great Britain.

The first place we set up our equipment was in the attic area. We used infrared camera's, recorders and motion sensors. April was drawn to one area of the attic. She felt a heavy sadness and sickening feeling here. She told us that many people were quarantined and locked away here due to a smallpox epidemic. She said there were so many that succumbed to this traumatic disease here . One dominant man channeled through her and told her of the sadness and the many souls who became victims of smallpox. A very emotional EVP was captured here saying “Pray for me.” Perhaps it was this gentleman who told their tragic tale through April.

In every investigation we conduct I go back and research the history of the area to further validate Aprils amazing channeling abilities. She has never been wrong and the historical facts that I discovered served to validate her abilities even further. In letters written by Mary Bartlett to her husband Josiah, she tells of the many deaths from a smallpox epidemic in the Kingston area. Further historical research also tells of the Great Throat Distemper which originated in Kingston in 1735 and resulted in the deaths of so many children and young adults. It started in Kingston and rapidly spread over areas all the way to Boston. Of those affected, almost all succumbed within days. All of these historical facts are a true testament to Aprils psychic gift. She definitely has a direct line in to the Otherside.

In the basement Leo set up a new piece of equipment. This new laser device displays a kaleidoscope of mini green pin point lights that blankets the area. If anything interrupts this field of lights it will clearly be seen. Both Regina and I observed a change in the pattern of the stream and consistency of the light pattern. A strange EVP was picked up here saying “Pick a light.” Were they manipulating the energy source to cause this light disruption? At the same time I was actually touched on the head by an unseen hand. It was so real I couldn't even speak for a moment. I was totally startled but at the same time excited that I had just experienced actual physical contact. The touch sensation felt so very gentle rather then anything intense. April had sensed a young child that was hiding in the basement. Perhaps it was this little child who reached out to me. As we continued down in the basement April picked up on several other entities that were present. When we asked how many were there with us we captured an EVP saying “There's seven.”

With the long and, unfortunately, tragic history of this building it is no wonder that there is so much residual energy left behind there. Kingston is one of the oldest and most historic towns in New Hampshire. After several very interesting investigations here we have determined that Kingston is also one of the most haunted places in New Hampshire. It is a historical adventure to visit Kingston and there are wonderful places to dine including this very haunted tavern. You can share a piece of history, some appetizers and a brew at Buccos Tavern / Trattoria Al Buccot with, perhaps, one of its ghosts.







This amazing picture was taken by Leo Monfet

This picture of a moving Orb was taken by Mike Sullivan



There's Seven  - Recorded by Karen Mossey.  Karen asked "How many spirits are here?"

Pick A Light - Recorded by Karen Mossey

Don't Do That - Recorded by Mike Sullivan

Pray For Me - Recorded by Karen Mossey

We're Here - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. Mike says We'll be taking some pictures.

I Know Nammy - Recorded by Karen Mossey

Nine - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. Mike asked "How many of you are here?"


Copyright.  Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.