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Eggies Diner - Atkinson N.H.

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EGGIES DINER – Atkinson , New Hampshire

February 28th, 2012

Investigators: Karen Mossey, Mike Sullivan, Leo and Linda Monfet, Rocky Morrison and Psychic Medium April Sheerin

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All Rights Reserved


Eggies diner is haunted. There is little doubt about that. The evidence captured that night was totally conclusive that several ghosts exist there. They also seem pretty adamant about staying. Even the staff is a little leery about trying to persuade them to move on. Perhaps having a good breakfast with a ghost or two may attract clientele to Eggies. Experiencing such an encounter is the reason we were brought into this investigation.

Accompanying us on this case was Psychic/Medium April Sheerin. It is almost a sure bet that something out of the ordinary will occur when April is with us. The entities sense her presence and know that they will be noticed. April can connect with them. It's hard to imagine what it is like being in their world. They continue to exist freely in this parallel dimension noticed by one another in their ethereal realm but unnoticed by those of us in the physical except for on rare occasions. When the two dimensions come close enough and the vibration is such that they can prove their presence by moving something or manifesting a message through EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) we realize that we are in the presence of Ghosts. At times they have shown up as an apparition visible to all or on camera, video or infrared film. Such was the case at Eggies.

April felt there were several ghostly presences there. Almost immediately upon entering the diner she knew that the ghost of a crotchety older man was present. His energy was quite strong. She was going to attempt to persuade him to move on but the staff advised against it. They thought it would make him even more angry and disruptive. In an EVP April stated “ Oh they are going to be sorry they don't cross this one over.” The male spirit followed her statement with a bold profanity. She also sensed the presence of a woman at this same time. She said she saw her with an apron on and that she was not very old but not young and quite spry. At this time, I captured a very clear EVP of a woman’s voice saying “ Hello?” It was as if she was sensing our presence but confused about what was happening. We believe the minute we turn on these digital recorders a static disruption in the vibration can be sensed in the ethereal dimension where the spirits reside and they can feel this. Its like picking up a phone or answering the door and not knowing who or what is there. The voice was only heard on the recording and did not appear on our video which was running at the same time. This is because ghosts can only manipulate one energy source at a time. The same EVP will almost never appear on two sources at the same time.

Eggies had undergone several renovations. This can often disrupt the ghosts. They are used to going about their business in the environment that they lived in when they were physically alive. The staff had already had several strange things happen during regular business hours. Customers were experiencing strange phenomena. On one occasion we were told a family was having breakfast when their daughter's eating utensil was pulled out of her hand. They were totally startled at what had just happened.

It is said that the main dining area, which was recently remodeled, is where most of the activity occurs. The waitstaff believes it to be the older man. April corroborated this. She said he is the strongest presence there and very grumpy.

We were also told of at least two deaths, a man and a woman, that had occurred in the diner when it was a private home. April also sensed that there was a great deal of energy present on the land itself that went back hundred's of years. She felt the presences of colonial settlers and many American Indians.

When we went down into the basement several of the team felt as though they had been touched . At one point we felt as though we were being taunted by the ghosts there. Things were shutting on and off and there was so much commotion that April actually got angry and said “You’re not very funny..I am not impressed anymore!” Of course the ghost followed that up with a loud and mean “ Damn You”, and then later ”Get Out!”

April sensed many struggles by early inhabitants . She said they were telling her that they were very cold and were always in need of more wood to keep themselves warm. Later, upon review of our evidence, in an EVP captured in the basement two spirits confirmed what April had previously sensed. A male spirit states “We don't have the wood to burn.” This is followed by a second ghostly voice replying “ I'll go and get some.” I wonder if they are they still going through the struggles of their daily lives as it was during the time they were physically alive? It would seem so.

Our night concluded with a seance in the main dining room where we had previously sensed the strong presence of the dominant male Ghost and the spry middle age woman with an apron on. April concluded that, in addition to several adult spirits entities, there were also children present. She felt, however, that the children were not trapped ghosts, as were the man and the woman, but rather that they came in to visit now and then to the place where they had many memories. We felt honored that they came to visit when we were there. They were playful and seemed to enjoy turning the flashlight on and off several times. With the long term occupancy of this residence combined with the energy left on the land itself, it is no wonder Eggies diner is haunted.

I think the lure of perhaps having a ghostly encounter at the diner and the fact that the breakfast is exceptional and the coffee is wonderful makes Eggies Diner in Atkinson, NH a popular place to go and enjoy. Just be sure to get a good grasp on your fork and spoon. Seems the ghosts are hungry too. Have fun!








Psychic Medium April Sheerin Speaks With An Unseen Spirit

This picture was taken by Karen Mossey. 

The Image Of A Woman Can Be Seen In The Back Of The Room

This picture was taken by Rocky Morrison.




           The Following Pictures Were Taken By Mike Sullivan Using His Reflective Photography Method

Original Photo

Close Up

Original Photo

Close Up



Hello - Spoken while April is saying "I have a lady with an apron on, just walked into the room and speaking to him. She's not elderly, she's quite spry but she's not young" - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

The "Hello" is so clear that we originally thought that someone in the room must have spoken it. However, the word "Hello" was not spoken in a video that was recorded at the same time. Click Here to watch the video clip.

F*ck You - Spoken after April says, "She's going to be sorry she ever crossed this one"  - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Erased, Liar - Spoken after April says, "You're telling me you don't like me?" - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

I Refuse - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

He Yelled At Me - Spoken after Karen asks "What about you" - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

That Depends - Spoken after April asks "That would be before there were actual settlements here, yes?" - Recorded by Mike Sullivan

They Don't Have Enough Wood, I'll Get Some For You - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

No Thanks, Get Out Of Here - Spoken after April says "You like the fact that we're here giving you attention" - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Damn You - Spoken after April says "It's not very funny, I'm not impressed anymore" - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Took My Hand - Spoken after Mike says "Goodbye for now" - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

Evelyn, I'm Not Happy - Recorded by Karen Mossey.


Copyright.  Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.