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1875 Inn - Tilton N.H.

Investigation Report 








We Conducted An Overnight Investigation Of This Very Haunted Inn

Friday, July 31st 2010 - Saturday, August 1st 2010)


Investigators: Karen Mossey, Leo and Linda Monfet, Mike Sullivan and Rocky Morrison

Special Guests: Jessica Mackey and Sean Mossey

Written by Karen Mossey: Copyright. All rights reserved.


The 1875 Inn in Tilton, New Hampshire is a beautifully preserved historical building well over a hundred years old that has had the privilege of being visited by and accommodating many well known people over its long history. Many of its rooms are even named after famous people such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Mary Baker Eddy. It may well be that because they enjoyed the comforts of the Inn so much that a great deal of residual energy and emotion remains behind from the days they passed through the doors of this great place. For the purposes of our investigation we were concentrating on the many souls that, according to several psychics, have checked into the Inn but have not yet checked out. It has been said that as many as thirty ghosts haunt the Inn. We were hoping to make contact with the resident spirits, the most predominant of which, we were told, was a little twelve-year-old girl named “Laura.”

Laura’s story is a tragic one. She lived in the Inn all of her life and apparently she still does. Her parents owned the business and often left bright and responsible young Laura to manage the Inn while they went out for a short period to tend to business. On one occasion, while Laura was minding the Inn, a fire broke out. Laura was trapped inside the Sanborn room (this is the room I chose to stay in), although hardly the only room we experienced activity in. Tragically, Laura succumbed to the flames and perished in the fire before help could arrive to save her. She has been both seen and sensed in the Inn and is reported to love to play pranks and move things around. We had the privilege of actually meeting Laura through some of the amazing infrared photographs captured by Leo and several clear EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) examples gathered during our investigation there.

The 1875 Inn was also the site of the Tilton jailhouse, which was located in the lower level of the Inn. We experienced some sudden cold spots while investigating in the area where the cells once were. In addition we were told that there had been a suicide in one of the rooms in the Inn several years prior. The hostess told us that a man had taken his life in the room and was found by the woman cleaning the room the next day. She believes he is a troubled ghost that remains behind and haunts the Inn. On many occasions they have gone into the room where he died and have found the bed that had been perfectly made up in complete disarray. In one amazing photo that Leo captured there is an apparition that appears to be lying down the length of the bed. At the same time the picture was taken, I also captured an EVP in a bone chilling voice saying “ Laura!” So was it Laura resting there or perhaps the disgruntled ghost of the man who took his own life?

The chimney in the dining room off of where the Tavern area of the Inn is located is original to the Inn and still shows the blackened and charred side as evidence of the terrible, destructive and fatal fire which took the life of young Laura. Off this dining area is a breezeway leading to the entrance where Leo captured a series of incredible infrared shots showing moving spirit energy. The apparition took several different shapes as it moved across the area as if trying to reach the door where, in the last shot, you can clearly see the image of what appears to be a young girl with her hair pulled back in an old fashion style and wearing period clothing. We compared the image Leo captured with a picture of Laura in an album in this area and it appears to be match. The apparition in the mist in this picture seems to be a dead ringer (no pun intended) of Ms. Laura. We were happy that she decided to show herself for us during our investigation at the 1875 Inn.

The 1875 Inn has been the sight of an archaeological dig, which discovered numerous historical artifacts. It has also been remodeled several times, which always seems to enhance ghostly activity. The resident ghosts don’t always approve of changes and sometimes act up to show their protest. They seem to prefer things remain as they were when they were busy living out their physical lives.

Our investigation of the 1875 Inn yielded phenomenal evidence. We were very thankful to our hosts; members of the staff and of course our spirit friends that enabled this. We were given a great historical and informative tour of the Inn and open access to conduct our investigation there. We were also very delighted with the clean and comfortable accommodations and fabulous cuisine we enjoyed during our stay at the Inn. It was an all around incredible experience.

The Inn is currently closed for renovations, which might stir up even more paranormal activity. For more information on the Inn and when it will reopen, you can go to www.1875Inn.com

I am sure you will be as thrilled with your visit there as we were with ours and even, perhaps, be privileged enough to be granted the favor of an encounter with “Ms. Laura.”




The Historic And Very Haunted 1875 Inn






Karen sets up an EMF Meter in the Thomas A. Edison Room.

Karen & Linda observe EMF readings while recording for EVP.

Unbeknownst to all of us, they were not alone. This photo was taken by Leo Monfet using Infrared Film.



The photos below were shot in sequence by Leo Monfet using Infrared Film.

Leo captured this anomaly (left hand corner of this photo). Inside it is an image that we believe bears a resemblance to Laura who's picture is on display in this room.

In this picture, and the photos that follow below, the anomaly is seen moving about the room.







Thank You - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.   Mike received this reply after saying "Captain Jack Crawford, nice to be in your room."

It's Nice To Hear You - Recorded by Karen Mossey.  

We Love It - Recorded By Mike Sullivan.   Mike received this reply after saying "I hope you enjoyed having us here."

That's Me - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.   We received this reply after Karen said "Captain Jack Crawford."

Laura - Recorded by Karen Mossey. Karen says the name Laura and receives her name in response.

It's Gary - Recorded by Karen Mossey.  

No - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.   This was recorded in response to Karen asking if my should drive home or stay the night.

I've Been Talking - Recorded by Karen Mossey.   

Young Girls Voice - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.   We're not certain enough to be able to say what is being said in this evp.


Copyright 2010. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.