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The Kingston 1686 House - Kingston N.H.


Investigation Report




Portsmouth Hearld Article

The Kingston “1686” House Investigations

Written by Karen Mossey

Copyright: All rights reserved

1st Investigation:

Friday June 27th 2008  - Attended By:  Karen, Leo, Regina

2nd Investigation:

Tuesday September 16th 2008 - Attended By:  Karen, Mike, Leo, Linda, Rick & Jeff

Also joining us for the second investigation:  John and Karen from the Portsmouth Herald.


The Kingston “1686” House is one of the oldest and most historic homes in the little town of Kingston, NH. It was originally the home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence; Dr. Josiah Bartlett. Dr. Bartlett, in addition to being the towns’ prominent physician in Kingston for 45 years was also Chief Justice for the State of New Hampshire and held the honor and title of Governor. It was here in the Kingston “1686” house that Josiah Bartlett signed his name to the Declaration of Independence. He had come to Kingston and set up practice as a physician at the age of 20 and continued for 45 years. He founded and was the first President of the New Hampshire Medical Society and delivered the commencement address at Dartmouth College in 1790 the same year his son Ezra graduated also as a Doctor of Medicine. In 1795 Josiah Bartlett retired from practice and died May 19th of that year in his other homestead in Kingston. Descendants of this great man live in Kingston to this very day.

Kingston was like most other settlements during the 1600’s and 1700’s. Disease was common place and epidemics of throat distemper and scarlet fever took many lives both young and old. In addition to deaths from illness and disease, Indian attacks and massacre’s were another threat to the early settlers. Most of the old homes including the Kingston “1686” house were built with escape passageways in the basements where the woman and children would hide during Indian attacks.

With all this past history embedded into the land and the old houses it would not be surprising to find residual energy still present within an old building such as the Kingston house.

The house was built eight years before Kingston was incorporated as the fifth town in New Hampshire in 1694. At that time Kingston was known as Kings Town. It is a two story house with an arch supported center chimney, four fireplaces and a hip roof. Part of the original house has been moved and a covered breezeway was added to connect the barn to the original house. The lounge is part of what was once the hayloft in the barn. There are seven dining areas in the old house several of which are named after patriots and families that once lived there. The “Clark” room has original Indian shutters over the windows. The home is a great example of 17th century colonial architecture complete with low ceilings and heavy, solid wood beams and ornate wood carvings and stained glass windows in the doors. You can sense the aura of times long ago upon seeing the old fireplaces in almost every room. The restaurant has decorated the walls and hallways with old paintings and needlework, candles, lanterns and heavy glass bottles. Several rooms are aptly named the Robie, Clark, Bartlett and Linden rooms after families that had lived there over the many years. The energy of their lives can still be felt there. The tables are set in colonial style with oil lamps on every table. There is an exclusive wine shop in the restaurant with the finest of vintages which can be purchased there.

The hostess told us of one instance in the ladies room when one of the waitresses went in and had someone tug on her dress. Thinking it was her Mother, who was also a waitress there, she laughed and said “Mom” and quickly turned around only to find she was totally alone in there. Another staff member and hostess told of how she was walking up the ramp entrance to the tavern and not only felt but saw a black shadow brush quickly by her. She ran into the bar and back again to the dining room and called out to anyone that might be there and there was no answer and no one to be found. She felt as though this was a male presence from long ago. One of the cleaning ladies has had objects that she has placed down moved. She had left them on top of something only to come back and find them lying on the floor. This happened on several occasions.

Downstairs in the cellar of the restaurant the owner showed us a passageway that was once used 100’s of years ago as a place for the women and children to hide and escape in the event of an Indian attack.

The large dining room near the entrance was once part of the original barn and it is here that the staff reports to have most of the paranormal activity. Here I sensed the presence of a stout shorter man that was very insistent on speaking.

In the Robie Room I took a picture of an antique mirror hanging in this dining room. Upon reviewing this evidence, I discovered an image of a man in a uniform as if he was posing within the mirror. In the main dining room I had photographed a black mist hovering by the fireplace. I felt a strong presence here so I did an EVP recording and asked “How many spirits are here?” On playback I heard the EVP reply “There’s hundred’s of Angels.” Another EVP recorded was “Jason’s here.”

With all of the interesting evidence we captured during this first investigation at the Kingston “1686” House we were invited to do a second investigation this time joined by two psychic mediums and the newspaper staff of the Portsmouth Herald. We were hoping with so much energy present we would certainly draw in the spirits there.

The investigation opened with both Jeff and Rick sensing the smell of vegetables and Jeff pointing to where the old vegetable garden once was. He told of an older “great Grandmother” type presence that he had sensed peering out of one of the closets as if to inspect what we were doing and then just simply smiled and disappeared. After this is was lights out and, with mini flashlights and candles, we took our equipment and began room to room investigations. The infrared camera’s were set up in the barn dining area and one focusing toward the Robie room and base camp was being monitored throughout the investigation. In the part of the restaurant that used to be the old barn Jeff picked up the name “Jed,” and said that he would enjoy sitting in the private room alone. Though Jeff acknowledged that the barn had constantly been kept quite clean, he tried to draw a response out from any spirits that might be there by indicating that the floor needed sweeping and things were in disarray. It was here that I captured an EVP of a young woman in a voice singing” It pleases me.” Maybe keeping the barn neat was something that made her happy. It was here that Mike’s Infrared camera picked up an amazing video capture of an apparition passing through the dining room and right through the wall. You could easily make out the head, shoulders and torso of what appeared to be a man walking through. Perhaps in the day when this had been a barn the wall was where a door once was and this apparition only recognizes it as such. Mike picked up an interactive EVP in this area. You could hear Mike talking on the recorder followed by a Spirit acknowledging (EVP) “someone’s talking.”

Jeff continued on into the smaller dining room where he told us this was the children’s room and this is where they would gather so as not to be in the way when parents were conducting business. He could see them all playing and laughing. While listening to Jeff tell of the children in this room, I took my flashlight and walked about in the room. To my amazement, each and every painting hanging upon the walls of this room was of a child or children. This was a truly validating testament to Jeff’s impression.

Jeff also sensed a young man and woman who at one time would rendezvous’ and have their social meetings near the bottom of the stairway.

In the Clark room Jeff visualized a very sturdy, solid wood, rectangular table. He told us that it was in this room where secret political discussions took place. Here the colonists spoke of independence from England and possibly the very room where Josiah Bartlett became the second signer of the Declaration of Independence.

The windows in the Clark room are reinforced with the original Indian shutters to add additional secrecy. Jeff felt that much pressure was endured in this room.

From the Clark room we proceeded into the Tavern. Jeff told us that happiness permeated here but as he cautiously drifted around the bar toward the entrance to a storage closet, he sensed a presence that was less then happy to have us here. He said this Spirit is saying “Don’t bother me.” I don’t want to talk.” He had a grumpy attitude. He followed this dark shadow into the closet where it quickly disappeared into and through the wall. Linda and I entered right after Jeff and immediately smelled the scent of fresh cut flowers. It was so strong for a moment and as quick as it was there is as quick as it was gone. We think that a kinder Spirit went rushing through to clear out the negativity left behind by the grumpy entity. It is well known that spirits can manifest their presence with a scent. I picked up an EVP in this area that sounded like swirling wind and many voices as if a portal or vortex was present in this very spot. One of the voices was heard to say in an EVP “You’re very scared of me.” Mike also picked up an interesting EVP here saying “Burn the fort!” EVP, such as this one, is residual energy that remains from a past traumatic event. On one occasion, while recording for EVP, Mike became a little unfamiliar with his location in this large old house and upon seeing a familiar landmark commented “AAH Ha” as if to once again get his bearings straight. This was followed immediately with an EVP by an Entity apparently watching Mike’s actions and acknowledging “The Way.”

Finally we went down into the basement through a breezeway that was under construction. Suddenly Jeff stopped and said “something is hidden here….buried under this floor.” “I sense a box which contains two documents.” An amazingly clear, class A, EVP was recorded by Mike here which related directly to what Jeff perceived. This entity strongly affirmed through this EVP that “Those are locked!”  With all the validations Jeff had during the night we definitely believed him but certainly were not about to dig up the floor to find out. In the basement we found the escape tunnel where women and children would hide from Indian attacks. There was also an old root cellar. The 300 year old original beams were rotted and spongy and had been reinforced with newer construction.

With all the evidence and paranormal encounters we experienced during our investigations at the Kingston “1686” house we were certainly not lacking in proof that many resident Spirits; 60, as Jeff put it, still walk about in this amazing historical place.

With its long and very significant history and having had so many families dwell there over time, there is no doubt that “things that go bump in the night,” are common occurrences at the Kingston “1686” House. For a wonderful meal, atmosphere and a possible encounter or two from a few unseen friends, be sure to visit this marvelous restaurant in Kingston, NH.   http://www.thekingston1686house.com





This picture was taken by Karen Mossey during an investigation at the 1686  House in Kingston N.H.

 Note the black mist which was not visible when the picture was taken.

Close Up


Images appear in a mirror in this photo taken by Karen Mossey at the 1686 house in Kingston, NH

Close Up



Those Are Locked - Recorded by Mike Sullivan.

There's Hundreds Of Angels - Recorded by Karen Mossey in response to her asking "How many spirits are in this house".

I'm Frightful - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Four - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. You'll hear Mike counting (1,2,3) as he picks up his bottles & a mirror. A friendly spirits then says "Four".

It Pleases Me - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Get Those Off Of You - Recorded by Karen Mossey.

Copyright 2009. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.