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Karen is recognized as an EVP Specialist and is very well known in the paranormal community. She has been a member of the AAEVP (American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena) and the NSAC (National Spiritualist Association of Churches).

Her EVP recordings are now famous. They have been featured in the trailer for "White Noise" (Universal Studios) and the CBS series "Ghost Whisperer".

She is mentioned the the books; "There is No Death and There are No Dead" by Tom and Lisa Butler (AAEVP members), "Haunted New Hampshire" by Thomas D'Agostino, and "I'm Still Here", by Martha Copeland.

Karen has also appeared on "The Maury Povitch Show" on CBS and on "The X-Zone Radio Show".

Please take a moment to read the touching story of Cathy & Rob and you will understand why Karen does what she does.

Karen is a member of the Big Circle, an organization founded to support, educate and inform all who have lost loved ones, especially children, focusing on the role EVP/ITC can play in healing and spiritual growth. You can watch a video presentation of Big Circle members describing and playing evp's they've received from their loved ones here.