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cathy and rob
Martha Copeland and Karen Mossey know that not only are their children together on the other side but that their children are also responsible for the friendship that has formed between them. Karen told us that Martha had just lost Cathy, “I cried reading her Emails on the AA-EVP Egroup. I wanted to reach out to her and there was a driving force that I had to know about Cathy. It was stronger then just emailing each other; we began to talk, finding we shared so much in common. We found that our children were in fact very much alike.” Karen asked her son Rob to send her a dream. He did send a dream, but not to Karen. Instead, another of Karen’s friends, Judy, who did not know either Cathy or Rob, had a dream about Rob, as did Martha.

Martha’s daughter, Cathy, came to her in a dream and told her that she had a new friend named Rob and that he liked to fish all of the time. In her dreams, Martha had normally seen Cathy in a meadow near the ocean. However, with the news of Cathy’s new friend, Martha began seeing her in a log cabin. She just could not understand this, as Cathy was very much connected to the ocean in real life.

As Judy related her dream to Karen, “Karen, your son came to me in a dream last night. I have never met him but I know it was him.” Judy said that, in her dream, Karen and Judy were managing a small store with another friend. Karen and the friend had to leave the store and the minute that they did, Judy saw a bright flash of light and then Karen’s son, Rob, appeared with a young woman. Judy said that the girl was Rob’s girlfriend and she had blonde hair. (Cathy has blonde hair.) Rob told Judy, “Tell my mother I am happy and that I have found a new love.”

Karen wrote, “This was such a confirmation for Martha and I that Rob and Cathy would come through together to a stranger, my friend Judy, who did not know either one of them. Judy believes that I am still too fragile to receive Rob in person and that is why I needed to be taken out of the store and why the message had to come through her.”

Karen continued, “I immediately called Martha because she had just told me about her dream in which Rob and Cathy were in the fishing lodge and Rob was cooking fish. He was always cooking fish! Rob’s passion was fishing.” We learned that Rob’s head stone even has a picture of him fishing, with Karen and the rest of the family having a picnic. “Gone fishin” is etched in the Black Marble.

As even further proof, one night Karen called Martha and told her that she had remembered something. She had been given a little log cabin bird house when Rob died. She sent a picture of it to Martha and Martha immediately recognized it as the log cabin in her dreams.

Karen next began to have a repeated vision of Rob and Cathy dancing, which she felt that she needed to paint. Martha and Cathy loved dancing. Rob, on the other hand, was not very fond of dancing. A week later, Martha called Karen and said that she had another dream. Rob and Cathy were in the log cabin again. Rob was sitting with two of his friends. (Karen wrote that, “Ironically Rob had two very good friends, Brandon and John, who passed on before Rob—as with Cathy and Rob, because of auto accidents.”) In Martha’s dream, the boys were watching TV. Also in the dream, Cathy told Martha that Rob had sent the vision of them dancing to Karen to let her know that he is happy. Rob also told Cathy in the dream that, “My Mom is an awesome artist.” These are the exact words he used to tell Karen this, before his transition.

Martha told us, “I had another strange thing happen regarding Cathy with Karen. Karen had wanted to paint a picture of Cathy and Rob dancing. Cathy had a very nice wooden artist studio box that had been missing for some time and I wanted to give it to Karen.” Martha had repeatedly looked in Cathy’s room but the box was nowhere to be found. She wrote, “I kept hearing Cathy's voice in my head telling me to look in her room. She seemed to be saying, ‘Mom look in my room one more time.’ When I did, I found the artist set placed in the middle of her bed. I guess Cathy wanted the box sent to Karen, too!

As most of our members know, Martha has been receiving many communications from Cathy via EVP. In Cathy’s picture, on the left, you will see a couple of Cathy’s pets on her shoulder. Martha wrote that her sister, Ginny, took the rat named Elanely after Cathy’s death. Martha, an animal lover, just was not that keen on rats, but Ginny has become very fond of Elanely. She feeds her snacks and gives her a kiss before going to work.

Recently, Ginny was using her daughter Rachel’s computer. Rachel was in the room studying for an exam. Ginny did a recording on the computer and then played it back using the Cool Edit software. Both could hear Cathy singing on the recording saying, “Elanely, I miss my rat, Elanely!”

Karen is also getting EVP messages about Rob but is not yet sure if the EVP are coming directly from him. Karen said, “One message lately was, ‘Robbie, you’re needed here,’ so somebody was talking to him.”

The two feel that their meeting has been a miracle that was set into motion and very much meant to be through their membership in the Association, and Cathy and Rob working together from the other side, to make it happen.