Some Scientific Explanations for Paranormal Phenomena:

-  Underground Water pressure ( caused by heavy rains or water build-up)

-  Earth Tremors

-  Wind Blowing through loose boards or walls

-  Small animals

-  Faulty wiring ( causing lights or appliances to malfunction )

-  Railroad nearby

-  Traffic

-  House not properly insulated

-  Electromagnetic fields

-  Low decibel sound waves

-  Phosphorescent gases from decaying matter or broken drains

-  Carelessness or forgetfulness and ones own imagination.
General Signs of A Haunting:

-  Unexplained sounds

-  Opening and closing of doors and cabinets

-  Lights or appliances turning off and on

-  Disappearing and reappearing objects

-  Unexplained shadows

-  Strange animal behavior

-  Feeling like you are being watched
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evp and field investigation protocols
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how to
1.  Obtain permission to investigate a site.  If necessary have releases signed to protect owners/participants.

2.  Respect the premises you are investigating.

3.  Only investigate a location using the tools and skills you are the professional in.  Do a background check of the situation that is occurring and which has led to this investigation.  If you detect personal problems with residents, should this be a private residence, do not get involved in counseling.

4.  Document your investigation and findings with a log, as they occur.  For example: time, weather, moon phase, solar and geomagnetic conditions.

5.  Whether you carry your recorder with you or leave it in a stationary location is optional, but taking it along is preferable, especially if your recorder does not have voice activation.  You can end up with allot of recording to review.  State your location often and keep your recordings to no longer then 3 minutes per session, as you donít want to have to review lengthy clips when editing on the computer.

6.  Note your feelings and impressions in different areas.

7.  Know how to train your ear to differentiate between people talking and EVP.  Note that many EVPís are low and often whispers so listen carefully. Also EVP often relate to the questions being asked or conversation that is going on at the time.  It is very tedious to try to extract EVP out of all the noise of people talking so donít be afraid to ask the team for some quiet time.

8.  Make sure you are aware if there are any radio stations or television transmitters in the area that could cause interference, which could be mistaken for EVP.

9.  Always bring your kit, with plenty of extra batteries, a flashlight, pen and paper, water, snacks and a jacket.  Batteries are often drained at haunted sites.  A shielded container can help prevent this.  Many investigators also bring personal forms of protection such as crystals, stones, holy water, sage, or spiritual emblems.

10. Teaming up in pairs is safe and a good way to distinguish regular sounds and human speech from EVP upon playback, as these will appear on all recorders.  The same EVP, as a rule, will not appear on more then one recorder.

11. Having a medium or clairvoyant present is a good way to validate EVP received.

12. If it is possible to convince earthbound entities to move into the light it is beneficial but do not attempt this unless you are skilled in this field.

13. Just as it is important to distinguish actual EVP, it is also important to be aware of your physical surroundings so as not to mistake dust, moisture or other artifacts on film or video for actual phenomenon.

14. If EVP obtained during a field investigation is of a sensitive nature to an individual or situation be sure to be discreet and do not offer this information if you think it may be hurtful or not well received.  For instance people who are newly bereaved or harboring anger.

15. Remember not all EVP that comes through is trustworthy.  Low level entities are manipulators and often lie.  They will tell you what you want to here and play upon your emotions.  That is why to be of strong character and secure in yourself is very important.

16. Always follow-up an investigation with a report, and it is better to do this while your experience is still fresh.  Review your EVP results after your investigation and then write the report.  You can incorporate your findings in your story and perhaps even tie a connection in with the history of the location.

17. Some other advice: Avoid alcohol before an investigation.  You need to be in total control and alert.  Try not to wear heavy fragrance.  Spirits often manifest a scent to reveal a message about themselves.  You need to be able to distinguish an unusual smell.  Always introduce yourself and let what presences may be there know what you are doing and that you will be recording and photographing.  Use common courtesy.

The General Rule:

The more extreme the phenomena the harder they are to explain away.  Perhaps the best evidence of an actual haunting is when two or more witnesses corroborate the same story or phenomena, especially when interviewed separately or not having previously spoke to one another.
By Karen Mossey
Some Facts

Ghost are Spirits but Spirits are not necessarily Ghosts:

There is a big difference.  Ghosts are spirits stuck between dimensions.  They are tied /trapped between the physical reality and the next level of existence.  Most times they are unaware that they have died and in most cases their passing was traumatic or emotional.


Hauntings are events from the past that loop or playback over and over as an imprint in time.  The similarity between this and a ghost spirit is that usually these hauntings are associated with traumatic or emotional events.  These imprints are unaware of human presence or even their own and cannot interact with the present reality.


Poltergeist are not spirits but rather the effect of human psychokinetic activity.  Usually the individual is a young person experiencing great emotional, psychological or physical stress.

Old Hag Syndrome:

This phenomena is often not paranormal in nature but can feel much that way.  It is often called ďsleep paralysis.Ē  The individual exhibits a feeling of pressure on their chest and hallucinatory feelings of evil present.  Much of this can be self-induced by panic and over reaction that something threatening is happening.


Electronic Voice Phenomena is a paranormal occurrence wherein life-like voices or sounds, raps, pops or clicks from unknown sources manifest onto recording devices.  They are not heard audibly while occurring but they are heard upon playback.    They are usually short in length, sometimes sound song-like and can be in different languages.  They are classified A, B, C depending on clarity.

DOP ( Doppler Effect ):

This is the disappearing object phenomenon.  An object may vanish from view or where it was originally placed and reappear in another place later.

Animal Spirits:

Animals can be spirits.  Many people have sensed their presence well after they have crossed
Extreme Signs of a Haunting:

-  Moving or levitating objects

-  Physically attacked

-  Writing or drawing on walls

-  Apparitions
Stronger Signs of A Haunting:

-  Mild psychokinetic phenomena

-  Physical touch

-  Voices

-  Cold or hot spots

-  Smells