Here's A Few EVP's Featuring Sing Song Voices & Music
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Hello, I'm Lost Too

Recorded by Mike Sullivan during an earlier investigation. We hear this pretty clearly. It appears to be the voice of a young boy or possibly a girl. The second portion of this clip isn't as clear but we hear, "I'm watching" or possibly "I'm walking" followed by a male voice saying "I'm watching". Thanks to our good friend Suzanne Russo for her help in identifying what is being said in this evp.


Hello, I'm Lost Too (Slowed Down)

Here is a slightly slower version of the previous evp.


"Hear The Banjo"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey.


"Hear The Banjo" - Slowed Down Version

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


"Who's With Allie"

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


 "Who's With Allie" - Slowed Version

 Recorded by Karen Mossey.



Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.