Comments We've Recorded From Some Less Than Friendly Spirits

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 "Quiet Down, Quiet, I'm Trying To Sleep"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey. Karen woke from a sound sleep and noticed it was 3am. She decided to do a quick recording and apparently disturbed this not so friendly spirit.


"Wow, She's F-cking Crazy"

Recorded by Karen Mossey during an investigation in a cemetery.


"God Damn It, It's Sullivan"

Recorded by Karen Mossey at Hills Cemetery, a place we both visit often. Mike was not present when this was recorded.


"Michael Is Weak"

 Recorded by Mike Sullivan during an investigation at the Music Hall in Portsmouth N. H. with Shane Sirois and True Ghost.


"Shutup Damn It"

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


"Why Don't You Die"

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


"It's The Gateway To Nothing"

 Recorded by Mike Sullivan just after he made comments about digital recorders helping to create an opening to the otherside.


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.