Guest EVPs
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 "This Is My Dream" 

 Recorded by our good friend, the late Erland Babcock.  He had been asked by the police to assist  in  a murder investigation and captured it at the scene.


"Dear God"

 Recorded by the late Erland Babcock at the murder scene of the same investigaton.


"Shoot Me"

Recorded by our good friend Jay Bowe .


"Mom & Dad"

Recorded by Jay Bowe at the Fireside Tavern. We're not sure about the first part but the last part seems to say "Mom & Dad". Some people have sensed the spirits of two young children in the resturant.


 "The Sound Of A Gunshot "

 Recorded by our good friend, Mary Jo. She was recording in a section of a cemetery where many war vetererns are buried when she captured this very clear evp of a gunshot.


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