Some Of Our Favorite EVPs
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 "I Love You"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey. This is her father. It's a wonderful validation that we do continue on. This EVP was used  in the trailer for the movie White Noise and was featured on an episode of the television program Ghost Whisperer.


"We're Heading For The Deep Freeze"

Recorded by Karen Mossey. This is a great example of a predictive EVP. Karen recorded this the day before a major cold spell arrived.


 "Just Listening"

 Recorded by Mike Sullivan.


"Get The Camera"

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


"You Like My Shoes"

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


 "Buy That Movie"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey while in the process of purchasing a movie.


"My Dad Never Suffered"

 Recorded by Mike Sullivan during an investigaton at a haunted location with Shane Sirois and TrueGhost.


"I Want A Puff"

Recorded by Karen Mossey.


"Where Are You"

Recorded by Mike Sullivan during a session in his spirit room.


"You're Hearing The Dead"

Recorded by Karen Mossey at Hills Cemetery on April 21st, 2008, the 7th Anniversary of the amazing evp she recorded in this cemetery on this day in 2001. Hills is an amazing place. We believe there may be a portal of some sort opening regularly. Click here to read more about it and to hear and see the evp and photo that we believe supports this theory.


"There Are Hundreds Of Angels"

Recorded by Karen Mossey during an investigation at the 1686 House in Kingston N.H. Karen asks "How many spirits are in this house"?


Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.