Class A EVP's

Explaination Of The Three Classes Of EVP


Here are a few examples of Class A EVP's we've

received over the years.

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Konstantin Raudive, in his work,  "Breakthrough -  An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead."  defined the varying quality of evp this way:

From Chapter 3 of the work "Breakthrough, he  writes:

 The micophone voices fall into three classes of audibility:

Class "A" voices can be heard and identified by anyone with normal hearing and knowledge of the language spoken; no special training of the ear is needed to detect them.
Class " B" voices speak much more rapidly and more softly, but are still quite plainly audible to the trained and attentive ear.  The ability to differentiate increases with practice, but this is a slow and wearisome process.  For this reason it is difficult to use non-regular participants for experimental purposes with class " B" voices.  
Class " C" consists of the most interesting voices; voices that give a great deal of information and much paranormal data.  Unfortunately, these can be heard only in fragments, even by the trained ear, but with improved technical aids, it may eventually become possible to hear and demonstrate these voices, which lie beyond our range of hearing, without trouble. This grading and my comments are but a rough guide in the present stage of our approach to the psycho-acoustic aspect of the investigation. "


Class A EVP's


 "I Love You"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey. This is her father. It's a wonderful validation that we do continue on. This EVP was used  in the trailer for the movie White Noise and was featured on an episode of the television program Ghost Whisperer.


"I'm Caleb"

 Recorded by Mike Sullivan at the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone Az. This voice came through loud & clear as our friend Mark was opening the recording session for the five people present during the session.


The segment of the above recording where Mark speaks and "I'm Caleb" is heard.


"Here Comes Rocky"

 Recorded by Mike Sullivan.



"One Is Here"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey at the Houghton Mansion.



"Get The Whip"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey.



You're Duece - Recorded by Mike Sullivan. Apparently, poker games and gambling still go on at the Bird Cage.


"It's Frank"

 Recorded by Karen Mossey during an investigation at a haunted location.



 Recorded by Mike Sullivan during a session in his spirit  room.



Recorded by Karen Mossey.



The segment of the above recording where "Sure" is heard. Our friend Jay Bowe asks "Can we put the lights on". The first "Sure" is Karen, the second is the evp.


"Took A Picture"

Recorded by Mike Sullivan. I was taking pictures in my spirit room when I recorded this EVP.



Copyright 2008. Karen Mossey/Mike Sullivan. All rights reserved.